Is Makima Really Dead in Chainsaw Man
Is Makima Really Dead in Chainsaw Man

Is Makima Really Dead in Chainsaw Man? Does She Come Back to Life?

Is Makima Really Dead in Chainsaw Man? In the world of Chainsaw Man, deaths are as common as dirt. Every episode of the series has taken us by surprise, either by revealing someone’s certain death or by casting doubt on their existence. The fans are no longer shocked when minor Devils pass away, but occasionally, when a crucial character’s life is in jeopardy, the new episodes really hit home.

And the most recent episode outdid every stunning incident in the show by giving the impression that all the main characters, including Makima, were going to die. One of the few characters who give the program life and elevate it to an amazing show is Makima. She is one of the series’ most well-liked characters because of her distinctive and enigmatic nature. Fans want to know if she is actually dead or not now that her life is in doubt.

What Happened To Makima In The Series?

In the most recent Chainsaw Man episode, Makima is shown boarding a train with one of her friends to go to a meeting. She had no idea that a few males on the train were watching for the ideal opportunity to murder her. Makima and her companion are shot in the head by men who are seated behind her.

Then the men at the front start shooting at them as well. Makima is discovered unconscious in her seat, covered with blood. At the same moment that the Katana Man attacks Aki, Power, Himeno, and Denji, Kobeni and Arai are shot dead by an elderly woman. While Denji and Himeno are bleeding out on the floor and Power is tending to Himeno, a heated fight between Aki and Katana Man occurs.

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Is Makima Really Dead in Chainsaw Man?

You don’t know Makima if you believe a tiny bullet can take her out. Most devils are afraid of Control Devil because she is one of the series’ strongest devils. Therefore, the answer is No, Makima is not dead, and she will be a part of many arcs beyond the Katana Man Arc. Makima will awaken in the future episode as if nothing just occurred, and the wound on her head won’t even be noticeable.

Is Makima Really Dead in Chainsaw Man
Is Makima Really Dead in Chainsaw Man

In stark contrast to what we have seen in the show, she will claim that the bullet could not have hurt her. Makima has been murdered 26 times, it is revealed in the Gun Devil storyline. She is likewise shot in the head by Gun Devil, but she is not seriously injured.

Does Makima Die In Chainsaw Man Manga?

Yes, Makima passes away in the Chainsaw Man Control Devil Arc. She ends up being the Control Devil, a Devil who personifies the dread of possessing power over others. After Aki’s passing, she begins to show her true colors as all of her kindness, tenderness, and love for other people come out to be a farce. Denji killed Makima after repeatedly falling short against her.

Will Makima Return?

As of this writing, Makima has no known means of getting back to Chainsaw Man. She is still alive inside Denji, who has consumed her to the very last morsel. The Control Devil, on the other hand, nearly instantly reincarnated once Makima passed away. It returned to Nayuta, a young Chinese woman who was transported to Japan and given into Denji’s custody.

Denji dreamed about Pochita on their first night together. After being consumed by Denji, the Control Devil, according to Pochita, finally disclosed its dream. The Control Devil ultimately wants to rebuild relationships in which she is treated equally by everyone. Since Makima represented the Public Safety Devil Hunters, she was unable to establish relationships. Her desire for a family that will accept her is a result.

However, Makima’s strategies were inadequate, and as a result, she perished. In any case, Makima imagines a future like that.

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