Is Dolores Catania Engaged?
Is Dolores Catania Engaged?

Is Dolores Catania Engaged? Catania Drops a Hint About Possible Engagement!

Another woman from the Garden State seemed to be getting ready for the altar. In an unexpected declaration regarding their future together, Paul “Paulie” Connell, boyfriend of Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dolores Catania, is shown in E! News exclusive sneak peek at the Bravo series’ May 9 episode.

Dolores brags about her new home after moving into Paul’s house last year while on a double date with her ex-husband Frank Catania and his girlfriend Brittany Ann Mattessich.

“I’m really excited for you guys to all come see where I live now,” she says in the preview. “I love living there, I do. It’s really nice.”

Frank, however, is finding it difficult to accept that his ex and her new lover are starting to take things seriously. “Is that it? You’re living with Paulie?” he asks. “You’re not coming home?”

She responds, “I would hope that this is it, yes.” Frank then wonders just where Dolores and Paul’s relationship is going. He asks, “You guys are moving ahead, are you talking of getting engaged or what’s happening here? Do you guys talk about it?”

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After Paul answers “all the time,” Frank prods further, “Does she tell you what kind of ring she wants?” That’s when Paul drops a bombshell on the group by admitting, “I already have it.” The news shocks Frank, who responds, “You already have it? Are you serious? Shut the f–k up!”

The confession, recorded last summer, was made in advance of Teresa Giudice, Dolores’ co-star and best friend, and Luis “Louie” Rueles’ August wedding, which will air on RHONJ later this month.

In February 2022, Dolores and Paul announced their relationship for the first time. The 52-year-old was open about their future after relocating together earlier this year.

Is Dolores Catania Engaged?

“I dropped my guard in this relationship, which I don’t do in life period,” Dolores exclusively told E! News in February.

“But Paulie’s said everything I’ve always wanted to hear and the intentions for this relationship on Paul’s side were, ‘I want a future, I’m looking for a future with someone, I do want to get married someday.’ My goal isn’t to get married. I’m 52 years old. Yeah, that’s a nice thing, but it’s not like my end game.”

Bravo shared a Tweet related to Dolores Catania and her boyfriend:

She said, “My end game is to be with someone who is a part of my life, who takes all the interests that Paul does and just wants everything better for me.”

When The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Bravo every Tuesday at 9 p.m., you can see how Paul’s engagement announcement turns out.

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