Is Candy Montgomery Still Alive
Is Candy Montgomery Still Alive

Is Candy Montgomery Still Alive? The Disturbing Truth About Montgomery’s Mental State!

Within a year of one another, two dramatic television productions based on the June 13th events were released: the 2022 Hulu series Candy, starring Jessica Biel, and the 2023 HBO limited series Love & Deαth, starring Elizabeth Olsen.

You might be curious about Candy Montgomery’s current whereabouts and whether she is in jail for the alleged m*rder of her close friend, Betty Gore, if you can’t get enough of this story.

Despite Candy’s reported crimes, Biel revealed to E! News in 2022 how she can relate to her. She added, “As we started to get into it and started to really understand who these characters are, just the pathology of what it was like to be a woman back then in the ’80s, I think I was really able to empathize with these women.”

“I could see myself struggling with some of the same issues that they’re struggling with.” the speaker said. “The pressure of being a woman and trying to do it all with a smile on your face, family pressures and work pressures and everything. I feel that,” she said.

A year later, Olsen told ET that it was pointless to contrast her performance with Biel’s because the HBO series provides a different view of Candy’s life.

“There’s no need to have competition. Interesting stories deserve to be told and every way you’re going to tell it, it’s gonna be different. It’s impossible for it to be the same,” she told.

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She revealed that Love & Deαth had developed for two months before Candy’s announcement and Biel’s personal contact with Olsen. “It’s impossible for it to be the same,” she remarked.

“I think it was more just kind of like, ‘Oh, great. This is nice that we are both acknowledging this thing because we were filming simultaneously,” Olsen explained. “That was a big shock to all of us that there was another show being made when we were already filming. But there’s nothing you can do about it.”

So, Candy Montgomery, where are you now? Did she serve time for the m*rder of Betty Gore? Continue reading to learn more about Candy Montgomery’s true story, Love & Deαth, and whether she is still alive.

Candy Montgomery: What Happened to Her?

How did Candy Montgomery fare? Born Candice Wheeler, Candy was charged with m*rdering Betty Gore on June 13, 1980, in Wylie, Texas, after having an adulterous relationship with Allan Gore.

At a ceremony at the United Methodist Church of Lucas in Collin County, Texas, Candy and Betty, a middle school teacher, became good friends. Candy lived by the Gores with her husband, Pat Montgomery, and their two kids.

Is Candy Montgomery Still Alive

According to Texas Monthly, during a hypnosis session with the psychiatrist Dr. Fred Fason, Candy admitted to the m*rder. She testified at her trial that she went to see Betty to get a swimsuit for Alisa, Betty’s daughter, who was spending the night with Candy and her husband.

When asked about the affair with Allan while at Betty’s house, Candy admitted to having had it but said it had happened a “long time ago.” Candy testified at the trial that Betty left the room and returned with an ax, which she used as a threat to make Candy agree never to see Allan again.

Candy apologized to Betty as she picked up Alisa’s swimsuit, which Candy made Betty angry and pushed her into a utility room. Candy asserted that she and Betty engaged in a protracted struggle that resulted in cuts to her head and toe.

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Betty allegedly told her that she also wanted “to kill” her. Additionally, Candy said that she could pull the ax away from Betty and defend herself by cutting Betty with the ax before her companion could assault her once more.

Candy tries to leave the room out of fear that she had ki!!ed Betty, but she claims that Betty stopped her by slamming her body against the door.

Betty and Candy fought because Betty wouldn’t let Candy go. Candy beat Betty with the ax until she was “completely exhausted” during the altercation after Betty had yelled at her to “shush.”

As part of her hypnotherapy session, Candy also asserted that being instructed to “shush” during childhood traumatized her. Allan was away the day Betty passed away. He requested the neighbors to check on his wife after he could not reach her on the phone.

Betty and Allan’s 1-year-old daughter Bethany, asleep in her crib in another room at the time of the occurrence, were wailing and awake when they pushed inside the house and found Betty’s dead body.

Authorities assert that Candy allegedly slashed Betty 41 times with an ax that measured three feet long, including 28 times on her head and face.  Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Betty became local authorities soon after the m*rder and was given a $100,000 bond.

Candy was cleared of all m*rder charges in October 1980 following an eight-day trial in which the prosecution claimed that Betty’s deαth was premeditated and that Candy had acted in self-defense, while the defense contended that Candy had only been working in self-defense during most of the stabbings.

At the trial, psychiatrists testified that Candy experienced a “dissociative reaction” that caused her to stab Betty repeatedly.

The incident was also protected by Texas’ “Stand Your Ground” legislation, which allows lethal force to stop a violent crime, like Betty’s violent threats against Candy if required.

Candy ultimately received a not-guilty verdict due to her use of self-defense. On October 29, 1980, a jury acquitted her of all m*rder-related charges. She was not imprisoned.

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