Is Al Roker Still Alive
Is Al Roker Still Alive

Is Al Roker Still Alive? Roker’s Unveiling of His Extraordinary Health Triumph!

Al Roker has had a tough few months, and he has finally acknowledged how difficult it has been by saying he is lucky to be alive. Al had blood clots that spread to his lungs while hospitalized, and he only recently returned to Today.

He wasn’t around for two months as his loved ones, friends, and supporters encouraged him, hoping he would get better. Al later admitted that his illness was so critical that he almost d!ed. In his exclusive interview with the journal, he remarked, “I’m blessed to be alive.”

His wife, Deborah Roberts, stood by his side the entire time and acknowledged: “Al’s surgeon used the word ‘catastrophic.’ That was the clearest declaration of what we were up against.”

Al’s “life-threatening” condition necessitated a seven-hour surgery, during which he lost half of his blood due to internal bleeding.

Is Al Roker Still Alive

Deborah recounted tragic details of her husband’s “frightening” health situation during a conversation with his co-anchors Craig Melvin, Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, and Carson Daly.

Al’s problems were reported to have begun “as a few stomach pains” before progressing to blood clots in his lungs, which doctors believe were caused by his receiving COVID-19 in September.

His condition was deemed “life-threatening” by his doctors, but Al said Deborah shielded him from the gravity of the circumstance.


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“Thank God for Deborah,” he exclaimed. “She shielded me from a lot of this. I had no idea how sick I was. I am a living example of ignorance is bliss.”

“I was able to put all my energy into just recuperating because I didn’t know how bad off I was – I thought I was doing good! “ he continued.

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When Al was finally able to return to Today on January 6, his coworkers were ecstatic and expressed their relief that he was okay.

The father of three said in an interview with People after thanking everyone for their support. “We’re all just people. And at moments like this, everybody pulls together.”

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