iphone fixes problems
iphone fixes problems

Apple’s New iphone Update Fixes Problems With The Camera, Mail and Notifications

Today, Apple updated the software on the iPhone and Apple Watch with minor changes. The updates are called iOS 16.0.3. and watchOS 9.0.2, mostly fix a few bugs that users have run into since iOS 16 and watchOS 9 came out last month.

iOS 16.0.3 is supposed to fix a problem where the person on the other end of a call from an iPhone 14 using CarPlay could barely hear the caller, and another issue where Mail “crashes on launch after receiving a malformed email.”

Additionally, it fixes delays in notification delivery and a slowdown in the Camera app on iPhone 14 Pro models. Some customers were dissatisfied that the Camera app could take several seconds to load in certain circumstances and experienced comparable delays while switching modes within the app once it was up and running.

No new features are included in this iPhone version; however, iOS 16.1 will consist of numerous. This release is anticipated to take place within the next several weeks, along with introducing a new version of iPadOS and, most likely, one or more new iPad models.

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For its part, watchOS 9.0.3 resolves the issue of audio being interrupted while using Spotify, syncing errors with Wallet and Fitness while setting up a new Watch, a glitch with the microphone, and an issue with snooze alarm notifications not responding as planned.

Both updates are currently accessible on all compatible devices at this time. The whole iOS release notes that Apple provided can be viewed down below.

You can get iOS 16.0.3 on your iPhone by going to the Settings app, clicking on General, and then clicking on Software Update. The update for today has a build number of 20A392. It can be used on any iPhone that can run iOS 16. Every iPhone was made after the iPhone 8.

  • Incoming call and app notifications may be delayed or not delivered on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.
  • Low microphone volume can occur during CarPlay phone calls on iPhone 14 models.
  • The camera may be slow to launch or switch between iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max modes.
  • Mail crashes on launch after receiving a malformed email.

After launching iOS 16.0.2 at the end of September, Apple is implementing this update. This update took care of the annoying copy-and-paste alerts, the iPhone 14 Pro camera shaking problem, and more. Apple is also beta testing iOS 16.1 with developers and public beta users, mainly focusing on new features.

We’re most interested in whether or not iOS 16.0.3 will fix the battery life problems that many iPhone users are complaining about right now. As we wrote a few weeks ago, iOS 16 has significantly affected most iPhones’ battery life, including the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.

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