IPhone Camera Lovers Move Aside As The Pixel 6 Pro Packs A Punch

iPhone Camera Lovers Move Aside As The Pixel 6 Pro Packs A Punch

The biggest change that one could feel with the iPhone this year was the quality of the camera. Straight of the bat people jumped to appreciate the depth, realness of the colors, and the large sensor with a wider aperture of f/1.5.

While the iPhone was making noise for the camera, Google came out with its Pixel 6 Pro, which boasted of a 50-megapixel sensor that was hard-coded to reveal 12.5mega pixel images, which turned out to be a silent killer.

When over a long series of photos were taken from both the devices, spanning over a thousand, one can really work of the minute details and choose the better of the two. Even though the competition was tight, and you would be a happy buyer with either of the devices, Pixel Pro 6 outshines the Apple iPhone of the year.

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With more realistic warmth towards images, less distortion, low light performance to fall in love with, if you haven’t still made a pick between the Google giant and the Apple blazer, you can now choose better.

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