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In The Race For Mayor Of Los Angeles In 2022, Bass Is Now Ahead Of Caruso

In The Race For Mayor Of Los Angeles In 2022, Bass Is Now Ahead Of Caruso

In The Race For Mayor Of Los Angeles In 2022, Bass Is Now Ahead Of Caruso

In the seesaw battle to represent Angelenos as the city’s next mayor, U.S. Representative Karen Bass has pulled ahead of real estate developer Rick Caruso. The most recent election results update from the office of the Los Angeles County registrar of voters shows that she has a lead of just three-quarters of a percentage point over her opponent.

According to an update provided by the office of the registrar late in the afternoon on Friday, November 11, Bass had received 289,782 of the votes tabulated thus far while Caruso had 285,398 votes. This represented a difference of 4,384 votes between the two candidates.

Both contenders have conceded that it could be days or perhaps weeks before a clear winner emerges to succeed Mayor Eric Garcetti, who is finishing up his tenure in office.

On Thursday, Caruso sent out a tweet in which he said, “As predicted, this is a close race.” “We are likely to see different outcomes each time we count the votes since there are hundreds of thousands of votes to count. These data continue to leave me with a sense of guarded optimism, and I am looking forward to the next set of findings that will be released in the following weeks.

In The Race For Mayor Of Los Angeles In 2022, Bass Is Now Ahead Of Caruso

On Thursday, a representative for the Bass campaign expressed confidence that the congresswoman will be victorious. Sarah Leonard Sheahan, the communications director for the Bass campaign, stated in a statement that the campaign is “feeling sure that we will win.”

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“In the next days, the voice of the people of Los Angeles will be heard, and we feel confident that we will win,” When Karen Bass is elected mayor of Los Angeles, the city will go in a new direction, and she will implement comprehensive solutions to the problems of homelessness, public safety, and affordability.

The most recent information, which was provided on Friday, is part of the tediously lengthy process of counting votes. The following update is anticipated to take place on Saturday, November 12th.

Since election night, Bass and Caruso have taken turns leading in the widely watched campaign, which political pundits had anticipated would be a close contest. Race has been closely followed by a large number of people.

During the primary election that took place in June, early reports indicated that Bass was trailing Caruso by 5 percentage points; nevertheless, she eventually overtook him and led by 7 points.

This week, Bass took the lead on election night by 1.6 percentage points when the first set of early returns was posted by the registrar’s office. However, several hours later, when the semi-official results were released, Caruso was ahead by 12,282 votes, which is equivalent to 2.5 percentage points.

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However, by Thursday, Bass had made up ground on him, cutting his lead to a meagre 2,695 votes, which is equivalent to less than half of one percentage point. Even though the statistics have moved again more since the last update on Friday, the two contenders are still neck and neck.

It should not come as a surprise given that a poll of likely voters conducted in the middle of October for the Southern California News Group showed Caruso with a 3-point lead while a poll of likely voters conducted at the end of October by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies and co-sponsored by the Los Angeles Times showed Bass ahead by 4 percentage points. Both results were within the range of possibility indicated by the polls.

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