In Next Spring, New Icelandic Airline Aims To Start Flights To US – Here’s What The CEO Said!!!


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The DOT gives the primary permission to start nonstop flights to the US as requested by Icelandic Airlines on Tuesday. It represented PLAY as their startup. Also, from next April it expects travelers to come and explore locally available flights from east to west coasts.

In spite of the fact that they haven’t confirmed the routes of the flight. Besides this the CEO Jónsson told their purpose will be daily flights to New York, Boston, and Washington DC but nothing can be confirmed unit each airline gives the slot to the airline…

WOW Air who is the ancestor of PLAY stopped services in 2019. WOW usually flew between Iceland and the US through the aircraft series of A330 and A320. And now PLAY is planning to do the same in a different way.

“WOW was successful in the market we are moving into, serving the East Coast and working in a 24-hour loop, meaning they got the aircraft out of Iceland in the afternoon and back in the following morning, which utilized the aircraft very well. However, the problem is they expanded too quickly and invested in wide-body jets to fly to the West Coast. Instead, PLAY will focus only on the 24-hour loop to the East Coast, essentially replicating the good things about WOW and avoiding its mistakes,” said Jónsson.

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PLAY’s onboard product to the US is still under discussion, but will likely be zero frills in a single-class configuration, meaning no inflight meals, wifi, or entertainment, and add-ons, like luggage, will be at a charge, – Jónsson.

“At the moment, we are focusing on the lowest price and a comfortable, clean, and secure way of transport, but it’s not an experience,” – Jónsson.

Jónsson also shared the strategy of low price as compared to competitors they are going to use to win the market as customers mostly prefer low prices.

Jónsson explained PLAY’s reasoning for entering the US market now after only two months of service is due to investor expectations and the fact that the airline has gotten good deals on aircraft. According to Jónsson, the airline secured $90 million for its long-term business goal, which involves operating a hub-and-spoke model between the US, Iceland, and beyond. This financial strength has allowed the airline to secure a low price point for aircraft 10 to 12 years in the future.

Moreover, according to Jónsson, PLAY will use a unique aircraft payment system that is “pay by the hours,” which means that the company will have to pay for the aircraft only when they are in use (according to hours). PLAY also plans a day off on Wednesday which provides the airline a good financial state and allows it to focus on stable goals such as serving the US.

After PLAY’s launch on 24th June, it Immediately takes a determined step toward the US. The Airline is constantly growing its punctuality in performance and its loading factor with 52.1% filled seats among available seats as a September report and 96.2% rate of on-time flights. Jónsson is hoping to continue improving PLAY’s success and trying to extend in Europe…

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