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In Australia, There is A Row of Submarines That Show That Europe Cannot Trust The United States

On Wednesday, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australian leaders announced a “technology exchange agreement,” The three countries will join forces in research and development to combat and counter China. The part of the deal that gets the most media attention is that the United States shares its nuclear submarine technology with Australia, which soon led Canberra to abandon a $ 90 billion order it had placed previously with France.

This fact made Paris indignant, for which he said that “the betrayal only reinforces the need to make the issue of European strategic autonomy loud and clear.” In other words, they meant to be less dependent on the United States as an international partner.

Europe, and France specifically, cannot rely on the United States as an ally or partner. “America First” was not a Trump phase. Today, this is a permanent orientation to the United States’ foreign policy, through which he has delighted to undermine, deceive, and betray his partners in pursuit of their zero-sum representation of self-interest.

The current president of the United States, Joe Biden, has been commissioned to market the phrase “America is Back!” It also drives a very popular offensive against Europe. Despite this, America pushed France aside as soon as it saw an opportunity to increase profits for its military-industrial complex.

Most nations thought that with Trump’s departure from the government, the selfish approach of the United States would be put aside and that the ties of friendship with other nations would be renewed. The story’s narrative centered on President Trump’s lack of diplomacy, with most world leaders trusting in Biden for him to re-implement US foreign policy as a general rule. They thought that their affirmation of “America is Back” would restore transatlantic solidarity.

The United States intimidates Europe very easily and has little tolerance when the interests of the European Union differ from those of Washington.

The European Union and Chin previously agreed to carry out a Comprehensive Agreement on Investments, with which China would be in charge of offering greater market access to European companies. US national security adviser Jake Sullivan said the US openly opposed the deal and demanded preliminary discussions on China’s economic practices in the name of transatlantic solidarity. The White House acted to sabotage the agreement between Brussels and Beijing actively.

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Final words

The EU had allowed the United States to drive a wedge between China and itself and easily sacrificed its interests and strategic autonomy. Europe believed they could benefit from Washington and overcome the stalemate caused by Trump by taking this risky position.

The United States time and time again intimidates, manipulates, and ensnares Europe into submitting to its foreign policy preferences. The United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom have been designated as “Indo-Pacific” powers bent on escalating war, confrontation, and instability against China. It is naive to think that the United States would care what Europe, a geographically distant region, wants.

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