In 2022, Frontier Airlines Will End 2 Major Airport Services

In 2022, Frontier Airlines Will End 2 Major Airport Services

The company said in its Q3 earnings call this month, “At the beginning of 2022, Frontier Airlines is ending service to two major cities on the East Coast.”

By March of 2022, it will stop servicing Newark Liberty International Airport and Dulles International Airport which is in Washington DC, indicating the high airport costs. Two years ago, the airline entered the largest airport in New Jersey in a short period of Southwest Airlines’ exit and extended its routes to rest markets across the US and the Caribbean. This move was taken after the airlines leave Los Angeles and San Jose in California at the beginning of this year.

Frontier senior vice president of commercial Daniel Shurz said in the earnings call “We’re taking action on the significant increase we’re seeing in the cost pressures at airports, As with any airport, if the fare and cost relationship improves, we will revisit the decision.”

According to Frontier’s website, “the last flight available out of Dulles is January 4. Meanwhile, the airline did not give an exact date on which it is ending its Newark operation, though Shurz said in the call that service to both cities would end in Q1 2022. According to Cerium data, Frontier is scheduled to operate 10 routes from Newark and just one route from Washington Dulles to Orlando this holiday season.”

In the call, Shurz is convinced that despite leaving Newark and Washington Dulles, the carrier has other options for its operations.

Shurz said, “We have so many growth opportunities, as we said multiple times this year, We have lots of places to put our aircraft and so we’re finding more cost-effective places in the short term.”

It is also explained by Shurz that they have many other more cost-effective airport options in cities like Newark, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and San Jose that they can prefer.

Frontier’s takeoff leaves a few openings open for different transporters like United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and JetBlue Airways to grab up. According to data from Flight Connections, United Airlines operates 155 routes from Newark, while JetBlue operates 39 and Spirit operates 13.

Frontier is the latest airline latest airline to stir up its route structure, following United Airlines, which plans to pass on 11 cities due to “changes in the long-term sustainability.” United referred to low interest and benefit for its takeoff from the little networks.

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