“I’m Being Replaced By A Con Man,” Said The NY House Member Who Was Leaving

Rep. Thomas Suozzi (Democrat), whose seat in New York was won by Rep.-elect George Santos (Republican) in November, stated in an op-ed piece that was published on Tuesday that he was being “succeeded by a con man” in the midst of mounting controversy surrounding Santos’s credentials.

Suozzi’s comments came in the midst of mounting controversy surrounding Santos’s credentials. Santos was elected to the seat. Santos was victorious in the contest to replace Suozzi.

In an editorial for The New York Times, Suozzi, who currently represents New York’s 3rd Congressional District but will be leaving Congress after he foregoes reelection to run for governor, stated that Santos “must be removed by Congress or by prosecutors because there is no indication that he will be moved by conscience to resign voluntarily.”

Suozzi will be leaving Congress after he foregoes reelection to run for governor. After choosing not to compete for reelection in order to focus on his campaign for governor, Suozzi will resign from his seat in the House of Representatives. It’s a fact that some candidates are willing to say and do anything to win an election, and it’s possible that once in office, they’ll take advantage of the trust that the people have placed in them.

We have a person in Mr. Santos who violated the public trust even before he was elected to government; it’s mind-boggling to think about what his actions and discussions will be like on behalf of his constituents once he is serving in Congress; “In the Times, Suozzi expressed his opinion.

“It’s mind-boggling to fathom what his actions and conversations will be like in Congress on behalf of his constituents,” you said. “It’s mind-boggling.” “Because of my experience serving as mayor of my village, county executive, and Congress member, I know that building trust with fellow colleagues is essential to achieving one’s professional goals.

I had to find out the hard way how true this statement is. “How exactly are we supposed to place our trust in Mr. Santos? I don’t see how he could ever be successful.”

Outgoing NY House rep on George Santos: ‘I’m being succeeded by a con man
Outgoing NY House rep on George Santos: ‘I’m being succeeded by a con man

House lawmakers have called for an investigation into the New York Republican Santos after reporting from the Times that was published a month ago noted inconsistencies in Santos’s claims about his personal and professional history, including graduating from Baruch College in New York and working for Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, among other things. This comes after it was reported by the Times that inconsistent information was found.

In an interview that took place later in the month of December with the New York Post, the Republican from Long Island eventually conceded that he had been guilty of “embellishing my resume.” After that, a prosecutor in the state of New York who identifies as a Republican made the announcement that she would be beginning an inquiry into Santos. Santos is the focus of the investigation at this time.

In spite of the fact that many people, including Suozzi, have urged that Santos resign from his position, it is unknown whether or not Santos will step down from his current role. The leadership of the House Republican Party has, for the most part, maintained radio silence over the issue.

Despite the fact that Republicans hold a narrow majority in the House and that Santos has stated his support for a vote for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to become Speaker of the House (R-Calif.).

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