I Am Groot is Coming Out On Disney Plus, Check Out The Release Date

I am groot

Cute little Groot from the Gaudiarn of the galaxy is coming back with a new series named I Am Groot, this show is basically all about this character. In our post, you will find out about the release date and storyline of the upcoming new marvel show.

I Am Groot

I am Groot is television series based on the Marvel character, is a tiny tree-looking character.  The web series will be streamed only on Disney Plus, it consists of short episodes and the producer of the show was  Marvel Studios, along with the director Kirsten Lepore.

I Am Groot What Is The Release Date?

It was confirmed in December 2020, and the production of the series is photorealistic animation had started by August 2021, and the director Lepore join the show in November 2021.

The show will be released in 2022. We don’t know the official release date but it is scheduled to be released in the last of 2022.

I Am Groot: The Storyline

In this shorts the story is based on a tiny tree-looking character named Groot, he came when the Guardians of the Galaxy get trapped in a black hole, a smaller Groot named character is divided into billions of the light-year far from the team. He falls into a planet down, he finds out that he is on a strange planet where everything is strange from planet to creatures even the societies.

But for the creature of that planet they find out Groot as a strangely alien and nobody is understanding, he will alone find his way back to his home.i am groot release date

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Where Can I Watch I Am Groot?

You can watch it only on Disney Plus, right now the series hasn’t arrived yet after its release maybe more platforms will be available where you can watch it.


Here we have provided the information we got about the show from our sources. In this article, we got to know that the show will be released in 2022. For other information like this, you can check our website.

Do share your views about this upcoming series in our comment section. If you have any queries about it then you can ask us freely.

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