Howie Mandel Illness Is He Recovered Now Or Not
Howie Mandel Illness Is He Recovered Now Or Not?

Howie Mandel Illness: Is He Recovered Now Or Not?

When Howie Mandel suddenly disappeared on America’s Got Talent this week, people began to wonder what had happened to him. After just Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell appeared on the panel for Tuesday’s audition broadcast, the AGT judge was confirmed to be absent.

According to Terry Crews, “Howie is not here today, we hope him the best and hope he gets better soon and goes back in that chair,” the host said to the crowd. The previous episode’s panel, which aired on July 12th, was similarly without Howie, as Terry revealed: “Today is not a good day for Howie Mandel. He’s not coming with us.”

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When a fan questioned him why he wasn’t on the program, Howie confessed that at the time, he was suffering from COVID-19, which he had contracted months earlier while on vacation.

As the presentations are pre-recorded in advance, the performances from numerous audition days are typically combined into one episode, hence Howie really returned to AGT later in the same episode.

A Healthy Howie Is Back

Howie Mandel
Howie Mandel

Speaking of his well-being, Howie revealed, “I’m feeling 1000 percent better, I’m really delighted to be here.””” When a fan tweeted, “It’s great to have you back on American Idol,” Howie responded, “I know,” in response.

Another person wrote: “To make up for what I missed this week, I’m watching @AGT right now. This is just a tweet to show my admiration for @howiemandel. Thanks for coming back.” Asked if he was happy to be back, Howie said, “Yes.”

Sadly, one of the show’s most iconic participants passed away earlier this week. On Monday, 41-year-old singer-songwriter Nolan Neal died.

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Howie Tuesday’s Show Return

As Dylan Seals, a sound engineer and cousin confirmed the death was indeed his, he had lost his “fight with substance usage.” Dylan Seals. Lost, Nolan’s original song was performed on season 15 of American Idol in 2020 and garnered applause from Howie.

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