How Zoom Could Return In The Flash Season 9
How Zoom Could Return In The Flash Season 9

How Zoom Could Return In The Flash Season 9?

How Zoom Could Return In The Flash Season 9? In season 9 of the Arrowverse series, Teddy Sears, who previously played Hunter Zolomon, a.k.a. Zoom on The Flash, plans to return as the DC villain. The Arrowverse drama is entering its last season as The Flash prepares to wrap up its nine seasons on The CW.

The Flash season 9 will mark the end of an era, especially for the Earth-Prime side of the Arrowverse, with new owners of The CW aiming to change their programming strategy. The 13-episode final season is scheduled to begin airing sometime in 2023. Another former cast member is hoping to return in the final season of The Flash.

Despite the fact that several characters, including Javicia Leslie’s Batwoman, are returning in season 9.  In a recent interview with Flash TV News, Sears—who played the ruthless Zoom in season two of The Flash—was asked if he would be interested in dressing up as the villain one final time. In the interview, Sears made it quite obvious that he wants to return to the part and that he hopes to make another appearance on the show.

How Zoom Could Return In The Flash Season 9?

There are ways to bring Sears’ character back in season 9 even if Zoom was transformed into the Black Flash in season 2 of The Flash and killed off the following season. Although it is rarely mentioned, Crisis on Infinite Earths actually changed some significant aspects of Zoom’s past. One of these was that Zoom was always from Earth-Prime rather than the original Earth-2 in the Post-Crisis reality.

Zoom has been presented as if he is dead by The Flash, however, Crisis on Infinite Earths left enough vague clues that Sears might very well make an appearance in season 9. The Flash season 9 may easily bring Zoom back because they have found methods to include other speedsters who have been vanquished in the past, whether it be through Hunter having a backup plan or the program featuring Zoom through a time travel plot.

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Even if Zoom doesn’t rise from the grave, The Flash might access the Multiverse and summon a Zoom from a different Earth, giving the scriptwriters still another blank canvas on which to employ Hunter. It wouldn’t be surprising if The Flash season 9 were able to bring Zoom back for at least one episode before the series comes to an end because he is one of the show’s most beloved villains.

How Zoom Could Return In The Flash Season 9
How Zoom Could Return In The Flash Season 9

Since The CW and Warner Bros. TV have been keeping information about The Flash’s final season under wraps more than usual, it is uncertain whether Zoom will return. The CW will soon announce the debut date for The Flash season 9, which ideally will see Zoom appearing in some form for the final time.

When Will The Flash Season 9 Premiere?

There has been a long period of silence regarding Flash and its final season. Not even a trailer has been made available (Although a fairly convincing fake made the rounds recently.) What possible explanation might there be for the absence of Flash and Superman & Lois from the network’s mid-season schedule?

It’s possible that The CW is delaying the two shows in order to fill out its summer programming schedule. Or they might make their appearance in the spring. The overall scenario is still very odd. The two DC projects might still debut in early 2023, and the CW schedule is just emphasizing the return dates for returning shows.

Fans will undoubtedly be aware of the big changes taking place at DC behind the scenes. The new co-CEOs of DC Studios, James Gunn and Peter Safran, are hard at work creating a plan for upcoming DC entertainment. It’s conceivable that Gunn and Safran’s ambitions include the remaining superhero series on the CW.

Maybe HBO Max has decided to air Superman & Lois Season 3 and The Flash Season 9 on their platform instead? But that would certainly involve mounds of paperwork, so it’s probably not very realistic. But perhaps something was planned when the Nexstar Group bought The CW?

Whatever the circumstances, Flash fans will regrettably have to wait a little while longer for the final season of the final Arrowverse program.

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