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How to View Snapchat stories without them knowing

Are you using a Snapchat app on your smartphone? And want to check your Friend’s Snapchat stories without them knowing then its the best place to find how to do. You know that Snapchat is one of the best Social Media apps for smartphones and there are huge fans to use. And Snapchat users share their love for images and videos as stories on Snapchat.

Recently Snapchat has updated their app and get story-sharing features, So If you share a story on Snapchat then it can be seen by all your followers, and you will be reported once anyone watches your account.

In the Other Words, if you are looking for a solution like how to View Snapchat stories without them knowing, then let’s check it out in the full guide. How to View Snapchat stories without them knowing

Snapchat is the best feature Social media platform, and that’s why it’s so much popular. This allows you to share a story on your Snapchat story and it will be able to be seen until 24 hours to your followers and a person from your following list can watch the story.

It’s no official method or option available on Snapchat which lets you watch the Snapchat story anonymously. If you wish to Snapchat hack online, then you must go with the link. However here we have got some tips and tricks by which you can watch the Snapchat story of anyone in secret. By following the below-given Tips to watch stories without them knowing

Steps To View Snapchat stories without them knowing

  • First, Open Snapchat App and open the Stories section.
  • Now refresh the page and See all following stories load completely.
  • First appropriately loaded and you don’t have to open them.
  • At this time minimize the Snapchat application.
  • Next to turn off your mobile data and put your mobile phone in the Airplane Mode.
  • Now Open the Snapchat application again and click on the Story which you want to watch anonymously.
  • Now leave the Snapchat app and turn on your mobile data.
  • That’s it! Enjoy. You will be Anonymous.

However, you can see how to see stories Anonymous on Snapchat and watch stories without letting the user know. Any users can follow the above motion steps and watch stories anonymously. It’s an easy method to watch stories without making the user know about viewers.

Final words

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