How Should Elon Musk Spend $6 Billion To Solve The Hunger Crisis

How Should Elon Musk Spend $6 Billion To Solve The Hunger Crisis

As everyone knows that Elon Musk promised that he will sell his tesla shares to solve the hunger crisis. The top Ceo of the global food industry said the money should be spent on the farmers it will help them to earn better income from long-lasting agriculture.

“The solution is the farmer,” said Werner Baumann, chief executive officer of Bayer AG. “When it comes to growth on one side and sustainability on the other side, I’d put the $6 billion to work to reconcile both of them and make whatever it is that we do really farmer-centric.”

This money will help farmers to obtain the best technology and data, and by starting a system that upgrades their living on sustainable practices. Carbon farming will help to seize carbon into the soil on farmland, Baumann said in a console at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum.

Cargill CEO David MacLennan said that investing money in infrastructure will permit food stock to obtain from producers to buyers more functionally. The provision that an opinion up better to natural disasters, which is becoming more ordinary due to climate volatility, is very important, he said.

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The cost of infrastructure becomes automatically too high when we talk about small-scale farming, said Sara Menker, CEO of Gro Intelligence. She suggests that she would invest $6 billion in constructing an economic institution that brings up new models to finance agriculture. This can later “realistically” build the infrastructure which is in need to bring up the change she said.

The Farmerline CEO Alloysius Attah joins smallholders to information and financial services, he brings up his voice to invest in infrastructure, he wants that this money should be investing in making good roads and better storage facilities it will help to decrease the losses and improve quality.

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