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How Old is Itati Boyfriend From Tiktok? Her Boyfriend’s Finally Disclosed!

How Old is Itati Boyfriend From Tiktok?

How Old is Itati Boyfriend From Tiktok?

Itati Lopez, a YouTube sensation, was born in the United States on March 31, 2000. Through her channel, Itati Lopez has seen tremendous success. She is now regarded as an authority on beauty.

Her enormous following results from engaging personal vlogs, incisive critiques of cosmetic equipment, and appealing makeup lessons.

Itati, a native of the United States, and Tree Ma are both YouTube beauty experts. In this industry, Tree Ma is also well-known. You can learn all about Itati and her beau right here.

How old is Itati’s Tiktok Boyfriend?

The age gap between Itati Lopez and her lover @esau_ynz7 was clearly visible in their TikTok video. This led admirers to make assumptions about their actual ages. Itati, a well-liked beauty expert, turned 21 in March 2023. Her guy would be 42 if the details in the video were accurate. Itati then disclosed his age to be 28.

itati3211 shared an instagram Post taking a selfie with her boyfriend:

Many people are apprehensive about this disclosure because her partner seems like he’s younger. It goes against the idea that he is in his 40s. Their relationship has become even more mysterious due to followers being led to assume they are making fun of them.

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How old is Itati Lopez?

The date of Itati Lopez’s birth is March 31, 2000. Now 23 years old, she. In June 2018, Itati opened her YouTube channel. Including her mother in her videos has forged a close relationship.

Itati and her partner recently appeared on TikTok where they talked candidly about their age differences. The video rapidly became popular after receiving over a million views. Itati told her 23-year-old followers who were also her fans that her lover was 28.

It was hard for some of Itati’s TikTok followers to comprehend that the pair had been apart for 19 years. To learn Itati’s boyfriend’s age, several fans spent hours online.

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