Here Are All The Reasons Why Family Guy's Peter Griffin Should Be In Jail
Here Are All The Reasons Why Family Guy's Peter Griffin Should Be In Jail

Here Are All The Reasons Why Family Guy’s Peter Griffin Should Be In Jail

Given his history of bad behavior, Peter Griffin from Family Guy ought to be behind bars by this point. The animated comedy series, which was developed by Seth MacFarlane and had its premiere on Fox in 1999, but the show did not attain the kind of success it currently enjoys until after it had been canceled and then brought back.

Family Guy has evolved into one of the most popular animated comedies on television since its revival in 2005, and viewers have developed a strong emotional connection to the show’s cast members as a result.

Over the course of the first 20 seasons of Family Guy, it should come as no surprise that the Griffin family has been through some very ridiculous experiences. Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg, and Stewie have remained at the center of the tale throughout all that has transpired; yet, it is Peter who is the undisputed lead of the series.

The sloppy, offensive, and self-centered parent and husband has almost no boundaries when it comes to the things he will and will not do, whether it be for his own benefit or just for the sake of a good chuckle. When you consider everything that Peter has done, there are a lot of reasons why he should be locked up. In fact, he should be there already.

According to the most recent video posted on Screen Rant, Peter has been up to some terrible deeds during the course of the run of Family Guy, and it is unbelievable that he has not yet been arrested for the various crimes he has committed.

He once admitted to Meg that the only way he can provide for his family is by robbing banks, and as if that wasn’t stupid enough, Family Guy depicts him carrying out these heists without wearing any disguises or taking other precautions to protect his privacy.

Even worse, he brings along Meg, who ends up accidentally killing one of the hostages. Even if this isn’t the worst thing he’s ever done, it should be enough to throw him behind bars for a significant amount of time just based on this one incident alone. Additional information can be found in the video that is embedded at the top of this post.

The use of physical force or abuse is one of the most recurrently disturbing behaviors that Peter engages in. At one point, he assaulted a student at Chris’ school and ultimately took the life of another individual who he perceived to be a bully (but murdered the wrong kid instead).

Here Are All The Reasons Why Family Guy's Peter Griffin Should Be In Jail
Here Are All The Reasons Why Family Guy’s Peter Griffin Should Be In Jail

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In addition, it appeared like Peter killed a little child so that he could take a short ride on a jet ski, and he also appeared to kill two children by falling through the roof of their home when he was pretending to be Mary Poppins.

The situation is so dire that not even his family is safe from the danger posed by his aggressive impulses. He has murdered Meg, put Stewie in danger by shoving him under the tire of Lois’ car, and abducted his identical twin brother. Peter did not face any kind of sanction or penalty as a result of any of these incidents.

When he detonated a bomb in a children’s hospital, it was one of the few times that he really served time in prison. The bombing caused fires to spread through three storeys of the structure and was responsible for a number of fatalities. On the other hand, Peter was only sentenced to serve seven days in jail for his crime.

Just the charges of arson and property destruction should have been enough to send him behind bars for more than a week, but the fact that he killed many people should have put him behind bars for years. Believe it or not, this is not the only activity involving fire that Peter participates in. He was the one who was responsible for setting someone else’s house on fire, but he was able to avoid consequences for his actions.

In the world that the show Family Guy has established, Peter is not the only character who resorts to violence or damage; yet, it is incredible that he only spends a few days in prison while having a rap sheet as extensive as this one.

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