How Did A Fan Kiss Alicia Key At The Mid-Performance
How Did A Fan Kiss Alicia Key At The Mid-Performance

How Did A Fan Kiss Alicia Key At The Mid-Performance?

Recently, the unthinkable occurred at one of Alicia Keys’ concerts. If you want to know how did a fan kiss Alicia Key at the mid-performance? Start reading this article: The Grammy winner’s impromptu appearance at Rogers Arena in Vancouver on August 29 occurred during a performance of her smash hit “Empire State of Mind.” A video of the singer’s shocked response to being grabbed and kissed on the cheek by a fan as she walked through the crowd during a performance went viral.

One can be a super-fan who does good and does not violate the norms of decency that keep society together. One such incident occurred last month in Vancouver, Canada, when an audience member grabbed Alicia Keys’ face in the middle of “Empire State of Mind” and gave her a big, disgusting kiss. Ew!!

A Video of Keys walking along a row of fans and caressing their hands while singing was posted to Instagram by Hollywood Unlocked on Tuesday. A female fan stretched across the barrier separating the stage from the audience and pulled Keys in for a cheek kiss. It appeared that Keys was in some discomfort, as seen by her withdrawal.

Keys replied on the post, “Trust me, I was like what the FUCK!!!! Don’t she know what time it is???” followed by a handful of clock and mind-blown emoji.

To refresh your memory, at the end of Jay-Z and Alicia’s performance of their song at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, Lil Mama jumped on stage and struck a stance. And late last year, much to the shock of her followers, Alicia admitted that she had no idea what was going on up there.

In conclusion, it’s great to have fun at concerts, but please don’t kiss the performers against their will. Human beings do not appreciate having their face grabbed while singing New York City’s most famous song. True fans respect the privacy of their favorite stars. You can also read about Concert In Charlotte Tonight here and don’t forget to follow for more updates.

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