Here Are The Last Uncalled House Races Two Weeks Before The Election
Here Are The Last Uncalled House Races Two Weeks Before The Election

Here Are The Last Uncalled House Races Two Weeks Before The Election

Even though it’s been two weeks since Election Day, major news outlets still haven’t called four important House races. Two weeks after Election Day, results from the midterm elections are still coming in slowly. Four important House races in Alaska, California, and Colorado are still undecided.


Two of the four uncalled races are in California, primarily a vote-by-mail state. This means that every registered voter gets a ballot in the mail 29 days before Election Day. With 22 million registered voters and processing times that can take weeks, race calls in the Golden State can move very slowly.

A report from the California Secretary of State on Monday said that there are still 593,925 ballots to be counted in the state. About 500,000 of the votes that had not yet been counted were sent to Election Officials by mail. In California, election officials have a month to count all the ballots, so voters might not know the final results until December 8.

Republican Kevin Kiley has a dominating lead over Democrat Kermit Jones in the campaign for California’s 3rd Congressional District; nevertheless, in the “likely Republican” race, only slightly more than half of the ballots have been counted thus far. The week after Election Day is the only time California would accept mail-in ballots; however, the ballots must have a postmark no later than November 8. In order for the votes to be tallied, they will first need to go through a procedure of verifying the voters’ signatures.

The 13th Congressional District in the state of California is home to the second uncalled race in the Golden State. This contest is one of the closest ones that are still open; Republican John Duarte is now in the lead against Democrat Adam Gray by a margin of fewer than 800 votes.

Here Are The Last Uncalled House Races Two Weeks Before The Election
Here Are The Last Uncalled House Races Two Weeks Before The Election


The election results for Alaska‘s At-Large Congressional District have not yet been announced since the vote-counting procedure for the state’s recently installed ranked-choice voting system is taking longer than expected.

As a result of the ranked-choice voting system, which gives the incumbent Democrat Rep. Mary Peltola an advantage over her Republican opponents, former Gov. Sarah Palin and Nick Begich, the seat has been rated as “lean Democratic” by Fox News Power Rankings. This has caused the seat to be rated as “lean Democratic” by Fox News Power Rankings.

Peltola was in the lead in the first round of voting, followed by Palin in second place and Begich in third place. However, Peltola could not secure 50% of the vote, which means that voters whose first-choice candidate received the fewest votes will have their second-choice votes reallocated to the other candidates until one candidate receives 50% of the vote.

On November 23, election officials will begin counting the votes for second and third place, which means that Alaskans may know the outcome of the race for the House of Representatives by the end of the day if everything goes as expected.


The majority of ballots are cast by mail in Colorado, although the state processes them far more quickly than California. According to the Associated Press, ninety per cent of the votes had been counted by the following Wednesday morning after Election Day in 2020. Despite this, absentee ballots mailed in from other states or military personnel serving overseas can arrive as late as Wednesday as long as the postmark on the envelope is dated before Election Day.

Despite improvements in the time it takes to process ballots, the race for the 3rd House district in Colorado is still too close to call. It was not anticipated that the contest for the “likely Republican” seat would be as close as it turned out to be between the incumbent Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert and her Democratic opponent, Adam Frisch. According to reports from the Associated Press, the congresswoman who has only served one term in office holds a slim lead in the vote tally, with a margin of just over 500 votes.

On Friday, Frisch conceded the election to Boebert despite the fact that the law of the state of Colorado permits a recount of the vote. The Associated Press had not yet predicted the race’s outcome as of Tuesday.

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