Hochul Warns About More COVID-19 Etiquettes If Numbers Don't Drop.

Hochul Warns About More COVID-19 Etiquettes If Numbers Don’t Drop.

On Tuesday, Gov. Kathy Hochul said, “New Yorkers in upstate communities seeing upticks in COVID-19 cases could again face more pandemic restrictions if infection rates fail to drop.”

The Democrat later tweeted a note of optimism: saying she’ll direct the state health commissioner to relax rules like masks in schools if New York gets “through the holidays without a spike.”

Hochul didn’t plan any special COVID-19 rules she could put back in place, or how she would define a decline or head in COVID-19 times.

But she said she’s troubled by vaccine holdouts and signs of rising COVID-19 cases in parts of western and central New York.

Hochul said, “At some point if the numbers don’t start on a downward trend, we’re going to have to talk about larger protocols. I truly hope the community at large will listen to this because it doesn’t have to be this way.”

According to the reports of the previous Monday, Hospitals across New York reported 2,051 patients with confirmed COVID-19, up 9% from 1,878.

Since last August hospitalization has plateaued statewide.

But in Western New York and the Finger Lakes region, the no. of hospitalizations is rising.

And the rates of new positive cases of COVID-19 per capita are higher in less-vaccinated rural counties along the border with Pennsylvania. For example just 40% of citizens in Allegany County are fully vaccinated.

The governor said anyone who feels they’re at high risk of getting COVID-19 should get a booster shot.

On Tuesday, speaking in Buffalo Hochul said, “This area is a high-transmission area,”. She added: “Anyone who personally feels that risk should get the booster.”

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