Henry Ruggs Accident
Henry Ruggs Accident

The Henry Ruggs Accident III Case and a Family’s Struggle to Find Peace!

Henry Ruggs III, a former wide receiver for the Las Vegas Raiders, formally pleaded guilty to the de@dly DUI accident that claimed the life of Tina Tintor, age 23. He might spend three to ten years in state prison in Nevada.

On Wednesday, the 24-year-old made his appearance in Clark County District Court. He entered a guilty plea to misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter and one count of DUI that resulted in de@th.

The formal sentencing is scheduled for August 9. According to ESPN, he will continue to be under house arrest while being watched by electronic gadgets that can detect alcohol and track his whereabouts.

Ruggs’ prison sentence has been significantly reduced due to the plea agreement, as he had faced a maximum of 50 years earlier.

Before colliding with Tintor’s Toyota RAV4, Ruggs allegedly drove his Corvette 156 mph on a Las Vegas street while intoxicated on November 2, 2021. Tintor and her golden retriever, Max, were ki!!ed when the crash ruptured the gas tank.

A hospital performed a blood draw on Ruggs after receiving a valid warrant. His blood alcohol level was 0.16, twice Nevada’s legal limit.

According to a statement made following the court hearing by Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson, the plea deal for less time was reached because of uncertainty regarding the blood test findings.

Henry Ruggs Accident

“I recognize this outcome is not sufficient to punish Ruggs for the loss the Tintor family has suffered,” Wolfson wrote,

“but there was a legitimate concern that a court would have suppressed the result of the blood draw. We would have lost the felony DUI charge. We couldn’t take that chance. This resolution sends Ruggs to prison for up to 10 years on a felony DUI conviction and brings closure to the Tintor family.”

Ruggs cannot appeal his conviction on the most severe charge Nevada allows for drunk driving as a result of the agreement.

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After the collision, according to the police, a loaded revolver was discovered in his car. Ruggs initially faced further accusations of DUI causing great bodily harm, two counts of careless driving, and a misdemeanor guns charge before counsel and prosecutors agreed on a plea agreement on May 2.

According to reports, Tintor’s mother, brother, and other family members were in the courtroom on Wednesday.

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“Today, like every day, we remember Tina and Max, and how they were taken from us that fateful night. No sentence will ever bring Tina and Max back, but we hope that everyone learns from this preventable incident so that no other families suffer like we do,” Attorney Farhan R. Naqvi said in a statement from the Tintor family.

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The Raiders chose Ruggs in the first round of the 2020 draft out of Alabama. Before the de@dly crash, he had played seven games in his second NFL season; the Raiders released him soon after. In his first 13 games, he played.

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