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Harrison’s Attempt To Stave Off Mid-Term Political Disaster May Not Be Going So Well

Jamie Harrison has had a tough childhood and has made a man out of himself despite hardships. He grew up to become an attorney, a congressional aide, and also the first Black State party chair. He also was exceptionally good at fundraising back in the day.

Now he at the age of 45 years, is working from home, and helping the party function from his house’s basement. His political history does not remind one of a statewide office held by him or a seat in Congress.

“Let me tell you, man, it is a big weight. It is a tremendous weight,” He said in an interview. “My experiences are the experiences that we need at this moment to help really thread a needle. This is going to be challenging.”

However, he believes that he is prepared to lead a Democratic party to victory in the upcoming mid-term elections. The chances for that although are getting slimmer by the day, against a well-armed Republican force, and internal party politics of its own. The mid-term election would also be dragging on the weight of current inflations and joblessness in case the scenario does not change quickly.

The internal politics is quickly catching heat as DNC members who backed Harrisson, as the President’s pick for chair earlier this year are dissatisfied with the present state of developments. They allege adequate public interaction has not been done with party workers across the vertical.

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They also sense a certain disconnect on his part with the state party officials, as they are working on the ground to ensure a positive political shift.

Yet, contrary to the critic’s clout also believes that he is making the best of limited resources that have been put at his disposal. He needs to be given a greater command to do the task properly.

Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., said, “Jaime Harrison knows how to do that job. I fear that he may not be allowed to do the job,” he is often described by Harrison as a father figure and mentor.

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