A Gwinnett County Prison Guard Was Shot And Killed At Work; The Suspect Is On The Run
A Gwinnett County Prison Guard Was Shot And Killed At Work; The Suspect Is On The Run

A Gwinnett County Prison Guard Was Shot And Killed At Work; The Suspect Is On The Run

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — The shooter who killed a prison officer working for Gwinnett County on Tuesday morning is currently on the run from the police.

The shooting took place at approximately 6:20 in the morning outside of the Gwinnett County Correctional Center, which is located on Hi Hope Road close to Swanson Drive. The victim was identified by the police as Scott Riner, 59 years old, who had worked at the facility for the previous decade.

Before the shooting, investigators believe the suspect and Riner were involved in a fight with one another. According to the reports from the police, Riner’s coworkers discovered him shot in the parking lot. The police have stated that they do not have a description of the culprit at this time; nonetheless, they have made public a photograph taken by surveillance cameras of the person they are seeking for.

Jennifer Richter, the public information officer for the Gwinnett County police department, stated that “it’s still too early to determine if this might have been a random act or a targeted crime,” but that the department is investigating all possible leads. On Tuesday afternoon, the police department issued a second photo of the individual and referred to them as a “suspect.”

Convicts with sentences ranging from medium to minimal security are housed within the correctional facility. These inmates are required to participate in supervised work crews. Some of the offenders are even given the opportunity to work to help pay off their debts.

A Gwinnett County Prison Guard Was Shot And Killed At Work; The Suspect Is On The Run
A Gwinnett County Prison Guard Was Shot And Killed At Work; The Suspect Is On The Run

Tom Jones from Channel 2 was able to visit the institution on Tuesday when people on work release expressed their appreciation for Riner. Residents of the facility who are permitted to leave the premises for work have reported that Riner treated them with respect and did not judge them or look down on them.

According to Santino Cole, “In my opinion, he was a calm officer.” [Citation needed] “He didn’t cause no one trouble. He was a very remarkable human being. He opened his mouth and said, “Good morning.” How y’all doing?'”

Cole expressed his deep sorrow for the passing of Riner. According to Sgt. Jennifer Richter, law enforcement personnel are continuing to search for evidence in a methodical manner; however, they are doing it with sorrowful hearts.

Richter stated that it is exceedingly difficult whenever one of their own passes away. Cole stated that he had never considered the possibility that a prison officer would be killed on the job. It completely blew my head. “When I found out that, I was completely taken aback,” Cole remarked. “And again, I have no idea, but it’s possible that one of the detainees stole something personal.”

One of the men that Jones talked to claimed that Riner offered him guidance and instructed him to complete his probation and select a line of work that will take him far in life.  The investigation into who was responsible for Riner’s death will reportedly continue for as long as it takes, according to the police.

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