Green Lantern: Beware My Power Discarded A Classic JL Love Triangle


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When John Stewart obtained Hal Jordan’s ring in Green Lantern: Beware My Power, he became the sole remaining Green Lantern. With the ring transporting him to the Justice League’s Watchtower, Batman rapidly tried to understand what was occurring. Green Arrow and Martian Manhunter were waiting for John when he arrived, and they convinced him to travel to Oa in order to find out the truth.

Ollie had to go, too, since he was Hal’s closest buddy and had fought alongside him for a long time during the war. As a result of their encounters on their reconnaissance trip, it’s evident that the film missed an opportunity to examine a traditional Justice League love triangle.

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Vixen was on the Watchtower with Ollie and J’onn when John appeared. Although she and J’onn stayed behind to guard the tower, the rest of the League was out on a mission at the time. Vixen may have gone with Ollie and John to investigate why the GLC went silent if J’onn had done it himself.

When the team met Hawkgirl/Shayera Hol on Oa, she tried to murder them with her legendary mace. This would have produced a lot of drama. She was convinced Ollie and John were plotting to wipe out the Corps and her homeworld at the same time. After destroying Oa with Parallax, Sinestro set Rann and Thanagar up against one another.

Green Lantern Beware My Power
Green Lantern Beware My Power

This episode of Green Lanter: Beware My Power could have riffed on the love triangle between Vixen and Hawkgirl in Justice League Unlimited and its spin-offs if Vixen was present. It was after she nearly betrayed Earth to Thanagar that John and Hawkgirl broke up. Vixen took John’s place while Shayera was greeted with skepticism.

Comedic tension was created by the women’s habit of chatting about him. Even still, the drama was high, as the women had to overcome their differences and their feelings of jealousy in order to become friends. Due to the fact that John was madly in love with both Vixen and her, they had to break up for a while. His child, Warhawk, was revealed to be the result of their time travel, but the show ended before John had a chance to make a final decision.

Remixing the Green Lantern: Beware My Power stage allowed for Vixen and Hawkgirl to be outright foes rather than coworkers who had to be kind to one another. To counteract the white savior complex of Adam Strange, Ollie, and Hal, this would have added another person of color, as well as organically built up the tension between two like-minded ladies.

Having Vixen and Shayera fighting each other would have made the plot much more interesting, and John would have had a difficult time stopping them from murdering each other.

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After defeating Parallax and returning home, John would have been in a predicament. As a result, if Vixen had been present at the drop-off, John would have had a prospective partner on Earth and an enthusiastic collaborator when he returns to the stars.

John could then build up a sequel in which two of the galaxy’s most fearsome warriors are juggling their work and love lives.

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