'Great Hope!': Make It Movement To Help Elgin Students Explore Future Career Paths

‘Great Hope!’: Make It Movement To Help Elgin Students Explore Future Career Paths

Make It Movement, a nonprofit that connects students with information and opportunities related to their dream jobs.

It will have an additional avenue with Elgin school district students as the district partners, which will help them to learn more about their future career paths or help them to discover in what field will be appropriate for them according to their talent and interest.

This is for the students who are not sure about their career or what they want to do in their future. This organization will help them to guide them toward their interests.

The co-founder of the organization, Roy Spence built a website that will help students. I  order to get help or clarification about their future they have to take a survey after which they are able to discover what their skills are, and in which careers they could implement them. In the future, It also plans to host career events for high school students.

“We’re going to just be out there using digital marketing and social media to say, ‘Hey young people, if you want to find your purpose in life, go to the Make It Movement,” Spence said.

Six other Texas schools will be partnering with Make It Movement this school year.

E3 Alliance, an Austin-based information source, is an accomplice of Make It Movement; the not-for-profit was planned and fabricated dependent on the information and system of E3 Alliance.

According to E3 Alliance, “A little more than a fifth of adults in Central Texas older than 25 years old — 22% — without a high school degree are earning an income below the poverty line. That number drops to 12% for adults with a high school diploma.”

The percent of people with incomes below the poverty line falls to 4% for Central Texans who have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

 Spence said, “One of the reasons students are not finding high-income jobs, is because they are finding out about them late into their school careers, or even afterward.”

“Young people are not applying for these jobs because they have not heard about them,” Spence said.

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'Great Hope!': The Movement To Help Elgin Students Explore Future Career Paths

Elgin Superintendent Jodi Duron needs to ensure her understudies participate in Make It Movement’s endeavors to help them and their undertakings.

Duron said, “I believe our students will gain a better understanding of and access to opportunities in high-skilled, high-income jobs that they are interested in and passionate about. The infinite potential of every young person can only be cultivated once they discover their purpose. That is the impact it can have and will have when our students engage in the Make It Movement.”

Spence said, “This is the first year Make It Movement will be available to students, and so far, it is available to schools in Central Texas. The hope is to expand across the nation someday.”

Spence said, “We have one grand promise in America, and that is that If everyone, every kid is willing to work hard and take responsibility, they should have a chance to make it in America,”

He added that as the organization goes through its first few years, schools will be involved in shaping it to become a helpful source for students.

Duron said, “I particularly like the fact that it gives students options. Those interested in going straight into a career can utilize the website to navigate ‘real time’ employment opportunities and openings. Those interested in learning more about high-skill jobs can access information on how to create a plan to pursue that. And those still wondering where their future is headed can complete a survey that gives them immediate feedback and suggestive pathways based on their interests.

“The Make It Movement is connecting students to real-life opportunities that will set them on a path to success,” she continued. “That brings me great hope!”

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