Grace Season 3 Release Date
Grace Season 3 Release Date

Grace Season 3 Release Date: Which Books Will Be Adapted for It?

Grace Season 3 Release Date: Grace season 3 filming has already begun, and we may anticipate seeing the Brighton detective back on our screens sometime in 2023. Based on Peter James’s best-selling books, the ITV crime thriller has proven to be a massive hit with viewers and was extended for a second season not long after the second series ended earlier this year. But which characters from the Grace series will be back in the upcoming Grace movie adaptations? Here is what we know so far:

Has Grace Been Renewed for Season 3?

It has! Peter James, the author of the Roy Grace books on which the series is based, announced the recommission on Twitter. He said the show has done a great job adapting his works for television and that witnessing the series’ high ratings has been “more than a dream come true.” “Delighted to confirm that there will be a third series,” he continued.

Grace Season 3 Release Date

Season 3’s release date is currently unknown because we only learned of the recommission and production doesn’t seem to have begun. But given that a new season has already been announced, we’d think the turnaround might be pretty short, suggesting the show might return around the same time next year.

If true, the new season should debut in the spring or summer of 2023. Any further information will be added to this page as it becomes available.

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Grace Season 3 Plot

By the end of the second season, we were thrilled to see Grace’s romance with Cleo Morey back on track, but the final episode left us hanging when the detective received a phone suggesting that Sandy, his wife who had been missing for a while, might still be alive. Grace’s assistance is anticipated to be crucial in the upcoming episodes as they explore DS Glenn Branson’s struggle further to make sense of his trauma after being shot in the second season.

Grace Season 3 Release Date
Grace Season 3 Release Date

Meanwhile, it appears as though Grace might have a new boss in light of ACC Vosper’s announcement that she is leaving the Brighton police department to accept a new position at the MET in London. Will Vosper’s new Chief grant him the same freedom now that he has finally won him over? We’re eager to find out.

Which Books Will Be Adapted for Grace Season 3?

The cast and crew have been open about adopting all 17 of Peter James‘ books — and counting! — onto the big screen. John Simm is eager to continue playing the detective for the foreseeable future. John stated at a press conference in 2021, “We all hope we get to do more and accomplish all these 17 books.” Because there is a tonne of excellent source material available, fingers crossed.

It appears safe to assume that the third series will include the sixth, seventh, and eighth installments — Dead Like You (2010), Dead Man’s Grip (2012), and Not Dead Yet—since producers have so far adapted the books in order.

Grace Season 3 Cast

As DS Roy Grace and DS Glenn Branson, respectively, John Simm and Richie Campbell are unquestionably expected to return. We’d also anticipate seeing a recovery for Zoe Tapper given where the series ended, with Roy and Cleo back together. We can expect to see Craig Parkinson’s Norman Potting.

The rest of the squad will probably keep showing up, though EJ’s participation may be in question given what transpired in Looking Good Dead; we haven’t heard anything new regarding her health since then. As ACC Alison Vosper, Rakie Ayola may not return for season 3 of the cast. Vosper said at the end of Dead Tomorrow that she had been given a new position at the MET in London, so we might see someone else step into her role in Brighton.

Grace Season 3 Trailer

This film’s trailer hasn’t yet arrived, but we’ll share it as soon as it does. You may watch both of Grace’s prior seasons on the ITV Hub again. You can watch its previous trailer below:

What Happened in Grace Season 2?

Unlike season two of Grace, which had four episodes and featured a variety of cases for Grace to handle, season one of Grace only had one full-length episode. A woman was brutally murdered in the first episode of the second season, a wealthy socialite was the victim in episode 2, and a woman’s remains were discovered in a storm drain in episode 3.

A body is pulled from the English Channel in the final episode of season two, and the case turns odd when two more bodies are found. In the last moments of the second season, Grace was in a relationship with Cleo, his love interest, when he got a call informing him that his wife might still be alive.

Final Lines

Filming for Grace season 3 began in and around Brighton in August 2022, with ITV confirming the arrival of three new two-hour episodes next year. With the previous series premiering in March of 2021 and May of 2022, we’re hoping the detective and his team could be back on our screens by Spring 2023. Viewers can always visit for more information on the series and other future TV shows

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