Google Pixel Watch
Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch: Release Date, Specifications, And Expected Price 

With the acquisition of Fitbit, Google’s intent to enter the wearable market became clear. The Google Pixel Watch, the company’s first smartwatch, is just weeks away from release. The company announced plans to introduce the smartwatch in the fall of 2022 during its I/O conference. It will go up against the Galaxy Watch5 line from Samsung and the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8.

Google Pixel Watch Released Date

The Google Pixel 7 is likely to be released on October 13, along with the Pixel Watch. According to reputed leaker Jon Prosser, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will be available on October 13, with pre-orders presumably commencing on October 6. The Google Pixel Watch may be released on the same date as the Pixel 7.

Due to Google’s history of conducting hardware launch events in October, we had predicted that the release would occur in October. During this event, an exact release date for the Google Pixel Watch will be announced. The Pixel Watch recently cleared several regulatory barriers, including the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, a prerequisite for market entry. This means that the smartwatch is nearly finished.

Google Pixel Watch Price

According to what we discovered at I/O 2022 in May, the Pixel Watch will be offered in Bluetooth/Wi-Fi and LTE configurations. According to a source familiar with the situation, the cellular Pixel Watch will cost $399 in the United States. Plans may change before the product comes out, and discounts from the carrier will lower the price.

This is the same price as the least expensive Apple Watch Series 7 with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, whereas the similar Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 costs $279 and the Watch 5 Pro costs $449. Each upgrade to the cellular versions costs an additional $499, $329, or $449. Comparatively, the recently launched Fitbit Sense 2 without cellular is $299.

The Pixel Watch is priced between Samsung’s entry-level products and Apple’s, while Fitbit is Google’s more budget-friendly wristwatch lineup. Compared to the Galaxy Watch, Google’s case is notable for its use of recycled stainless steel, for which Apple charges a premium ($699), along with a sapphire crystal and built-in cellular. However, this premium cover glass will not be used on the Pixel Watch.

Google Pixel Watch  Design

Based on what Google has hinted, the design of the Google Pixel Watch still appears to be a rendering. It has a circular appearance with what appears to be a digital crown on the right side, as well as potentially some buttons. The color presented during I/O is silver, but there is no indication of alternative colors or sizes. The majority of smartwatches on the market are available in two sizes, so Google may decide to do the same.

As a result, the Pixel Watch appears to be a relatively simple and clean smartwatch, similar to the appearance of previous Pixel gadgets. Conversely, interchangeable bands would provide wearers with a degree of customization.

Google Pixel Watch Internal Design

For the time being, the interior layout is a mystery. Yogesh Brar, a leaker, says that the Pixel Watch will have the same sensors as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. This means that it may have the same “BioActive Sensor” that measures heart rate, ECG, and body fat percentage.

There may be even older technology in the Google Pixel Watch. 9to5 Google(opens in new tab) has hypothesized that the watch will employ a 10nm Exynos 9110 chip, which debuted in the original Samsung Galaxy Watch in 2018. Nevertheless, a new tweet from Qualcomm hints that their rumored next-generation Snapdragon Wear 5100 CPUs may be heading to the Pixel Watch. Google’s flagship smartwatch may or may not receive a flagship CPU in the future.

Google Pixel Watch Specifications

Fitbit activity monitoring will be incorporated into the Google Pixel Watch, which is arguably its most fascinating feature. Google Fit has been an uninspiring health app, especially when compared to what is achievable with the most advanced Fitbit devices. On the Pixel Watch, Fitbit Premium features like workout tracking, active zone minutes, and other health-monitoring tools will be available. According to a rumor from 9to5Google, the Pixel Watch will have a battery capacity of less than 300 mAh.

A further report from 9to5 Google provides numerous specifications for the Pixel Watch. First, you may anticipate a co-processor that should aid in performance enhancement, which could be aided by more than 1.5GB of RAM. In addition, according to the same claim, the Pixel Watch would have 32GB of storage.

Google Wear OS For The Pixel Watch

The Pixel Watch will include Google’s Wear OS platform, which is hardly a surprise. But what could make the program distinctive or, should we say, better?

Popular Wear OS features on third-party smartwatches from TicWatch and Fossil include continuous heart-rate monitoring with Google Fit, contactless payments with Google Pay, and hands-free access to Google Assistant, as well as a Google Play smartwatch shop.

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