Google Announces Android Game Development Kit In GDS 2021

Google Announces Android Game Development Kit In GDS 2021

In a Google post, the technology firm reported its release for the Android Game Development Kit. They represent the kit as a helpful approach to “grow, optimize and produce high-quality Android games.”

For the greatest moment, Android games development has been made within the standard SDK. The Android Studio was a means for developers to build any sort of software for the platform. Also then, it wasn’t squeezed to promote game development events.

With the AGDK, Google assumes game names to become more available for the platforms. They need to have the tags and increase the quality of the Android names. Apart from notable community studios, Android is yet a hit and drop with the names in the market.

Google gives more statistics and functions for Android gaming.

Google published more than simply the Android Game Development Kit. They further boasted regarding the higher Google Play mode for their Chrome OS. They insist that they got 300% more users, which is the year with the greatest value.

They further show that Unity has presently launched the Chrome OS guide for Unity 2021.2. The arrangement will assist Unity 2020 LTS delayed this year, making it a great spot to bring a larger public.

Google additionally launched “Play as you download,” which is formulated into the heart of Android 12. Play Asset Delivery is additionally there to decrease the expecting time for downloads.

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