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Given Season 2 Release Date Status: Cancellation & Renewal Status in 2022!

Natsuki Kizu is the author of the manga series from which Given is adapted in this anime. Crunchyroll has the rights to stream the anime that aired on Fuji TV in the first place. From July 11, 2019, until September 19, 2019, weekly BL, drama, and romance anime aired. Fans are apprehensive about the second season after the Lerche studio’s first.

Astra Lost in Space and Toilet-bound Hanako-Kun were both produced by Lerche. Anime fans anxiously anticipate the second season of these shows. Has the show been given a second season order?

As soon as the characters were content, the show ended the season and left the viewers wondering what would happen next. The following season will reveal the results of Mafuyu and Uenoyama’s romance. As for Aki and Haruki, we’re hoping to see more of them in Season 2. The first season included 11 episodes and it appears like season two will have even more action-packed episodes. Aki and Haruki’s relationship will be explored further in the second season, however, we have decided not to include any spoilers on this page.

Given Season 2 Canceled Or Renewed?

An announcement was made that a concluding movie will be published on August 22, 2020, for the anime. However, the second season is also a topic of interest to fans. Since December 26, 2021, the anime has yet to receive a second season renewal. The manga’s publisher, Shinshokan, as well as the Lerche animation crew, have remained mum on the subject.

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This season’s anime may have to wait a bit longer for a sequel because the movie about Haruki and Akihiko’s romance deals with the second arc of the manga. Anime may have a new season approved years after the first one was released. Given that things are going well for him, would he be granted permission to continue the show for another season? In reality, if we don’t look at some of the most important criteria, we may make a prediction like this. Firstly, let’s begin with the manga!Given Season 2

Status Of The Manga For The Anthology

Given is, as already said, a manga adaptation of a film. On April 30, 2013, the manga, written and drawn by Natsuki Kizu, was released. Today, the Cheri+ magazine manga series continues. Manga is a beneficial thing for anime since it serves as a source of inspiration for the show. The newest edition of Given’s manga was released in August 2020, and there are six volumes in all.

In the first season of the anime, it was adapted up to the 15th chapter of the manga. Up until Chapter 28 of the book was adapted for the big screen. Volume 28 of the manga series ends at the end of Volume 5.

To date, a total of six volumes have been released. According to the published volumes, there is not enough material for a new season, but there are still unpublished chapters and the manga series continues. We may have to wait longer for the next season because of the manga’s lack of source material, but it does not mean it will never happen.

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In order to see a new season, the anime must make its producers happy financially. The anime’s disc sales were not good, but not bad either. It sold 3414 units in the first volume. Considering the decline in BluRay sales in recent years, although it remains below the targets, it is not a desperate figure for the second season decision. While disc sales are average, more important is how much is watched online.

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