Gisele Bundchen Net Worth: What Is Ex-NFL Player Annual Income?
Gisele Bundchen Net Worth: What Is Ex-NFL Player Annual Income?

Gisele Bundchen Net Worth: What Is Ex-NFL Player Annual Income?

Even though Bundchen and her ex-NFL player husband Tom Brady made a lot of money together, she should be fine on her own after the divorce.

The Brazilian model is said to have a staggering net worth of $400 million, and her annual pay is reportedly $40 million, as reported by style caster. In 2007, Bundchen ranked sixteenth among the wealthiest women in the entertainment sector. Between the years of 2012 and 2017, she was the highest-earning model.

She signed a 25 million dollar contract with Victoria’s Secret in the year 2000, and throughout her career, she has earned over 500 million dollars from various sponsorships and endorsements. She modeled not only for Victoria’s Secret but also for high-end labels such as Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior, and Dolce & Gabbana. Victoria’s Secret was just one of those businesses.

Gisele Bundchen Net Worth: What Is Ex-NFL Player Annual Income?
Gisele Bundchen Net Worth: What Is Ex-NFL Player Annual Income?

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In 2014, Bundchen served as the spokeswoman for Chanel No. 5, and during that year and into 2015, she was featured in more television commercials in Brazil than any other celebrity. By the year 2015, she had already participated in more than 500 ad campaigns, 800 fashion shows, appeared on 2,000 magazine covers, and in 3,500 magazine editorials. She is also the owner of a hotel in Brazil in addition to having her own brand of designer sandals.

A second book of hers, titled “My Path to a Meaningful Life,” was published by her in 2018. This book was a New York Times bestseller in the United States and was also the best-selling book in Brazil for a period of six months. In addition to all of that, she had a brief acting career, appearing in a remade version of “Taxi” alongside Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon in 2004 and playing a role in “The Devil Wears Prada” in 2006.

In point of fact, Bundchen’s net worth is far greater than that of Brady, whose net worth is approximately $250 million. Between the years 2000 and 2020, Gisele earned an estimated $500 million in salary and endorsements, while Brady earned an estimated $330 million. When added together, their total value is $650 million.

Because they decided to get a divorce, the couple had to decide how to divide their assets, which included a property portfolio worth $26 million. According to Page Six, they own a mansion in Miami valued at $17 million, a condominium in New York City valued at $3.6 million, and a piece of land in Montana valued at $5.7 million.

They also own a vacation home in Costa Rica, which is where Bundchen went when she needed some time away from the drama involving Brady. According to Page Six’s source, the couple has already retained the services of attorneys who “are looking at what a split will entail, who gets what, and what the finances will be”.

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