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Google is all set to roll out the first major update of 2021 with Chrome OS 88 to the Stable channel. Last week, they launched the Chrome 88 for desktops and mobiles. This software update is a significant update for the users as it comes with several brand-new features and improvements. The overall update is aimed at improving the user experience. So what to expect with this new update? Here is the list of all the features and improvements. 

Chrome OS 88 – New Screen Savers

After many months of development, Google has improved its Chromebook’s lock screen into a smart display that can be personalized as per your taste. If you want to see your favourite photos when your Chromebook’s screen is on, you can activate screensaver that shows the slides that will display pictures from Google Photos. 

The screen saver comes with added things like a glanceable clock, music player controller and weather widget. You can check the weather and see the label that shows which music is playing, and you can also change or pause the song without unlocking the screen. It’s simple to personalize the Chromebook’s lock screen, you open Chrome OS and open the Screen Saver option from the Personalization. 

Better, Smoother Virtual Desks

If you are a multi-tasker, Chromebook has a perfect productivity tool that can let you handle your tasks diligently with multiple windows. You can say that your productivity increases with the tool. The users who have seen the previous versions of this tool have complained about the ‘clunky’ experience while using it. The clunkiness was the result of transition animations that were not smooth. Now that the Chrome OS 88 has arrived, you can see that the virtual desks move faster and smoother. Switching between windows is quicker with simple trackpad gestures. 

Camera Folder in My Files App

Chromebook is trying to improve its UI/UX with each new version. This time they have been attempting to put efforts in The Chrome OS Camera app. You can see that Google will save the recorded videos on it to a familiar file extension. You get a dedicated folder on Chrome OS 88 for the photos and videos. You can find that folder under My Files, sharing with others is more comfortable with this folder. It will appear once you take a snapshot. 

Improvements in ChromeVox and Magnifier

Google is not leaving any stone unturned to make sure that Chrome OS is suitable for all. They have provided the feature of screen magnifier that makes sure that you can comfortably read the on-screen text by enlarging it. With the new edition, they have provided a new feature to control the Magnifier with the keyboard. Pressing Ctrl + Alt and arrow keys can get the job done. 

Go to the Accessibility option from Chrome OS settings and enable full-screen Magnifier in it. Besides the Magnifier, the Text app from the OS also has gotten a minor improvement, which is good news for those with visual impairments. If reader mode is enabled, the ChromeVox will read out the words for you. 

Authentication Using Fingerprint and PIN

The Chrome team is also concerned about the privacy and security of its users’ data. That’s why they have added the additional feature that asks you for your fingerprint or PIN before you autofill any passwords. You can also use the Chromebook for a second authentication factor or 2FA. Chromebook uses WebAuthn API for 2FA. With that, you can sign in without any issue. 

Improved Touchpad Gestures & Autocorrect UI

Apart from the features mentioned above, you get better Autocorrect with it. The improved UI makes sure that your time isn’t wasted in checking spellings. You get a visual indicator that shows the autocorrect has been applied to a specific portion of text and it can be undone easily. Even Touchpad gestures have received improvements. 

What’s your opinion on Chromebook after using it? Do you think these updates will enhance the user experience? Comments below to let us know. Follow us for more tech news. 

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