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About George Washington:

The first president George Washington was born in Westmoreland Country, Virginia on 22nd February 1732. George was the son of Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington.

Augustine Washington was a judicial officer and died in 1743. Unlike his brothers, Washington didn’t receive education at Appleby Grammar School, England but he learned some problem-solving skills such as mathematics, trigonometry, and land surveying.

You know, he became a skilled draftsman and map maker. George was 6 feet 2 inches tall in height. In 1749 his father-in-law appointed him as the surveyor of Culpeper Country, Virginia and George took his oath on 20th July 1749.

George’s great grandfather Lawrence Washington served as an adjutant general in the military of Virginia which inspired George to look for a commission.

Later, Lieutenant Governor Robert Dinwiddie appointed George as the major and commander-general of one of the four district militias. Dinwiddie promoted George as a special envoy in October 1753.

Later in 1754 Dinwiddie upgraded Washington as the lieutenant colonel and the second person in command of the Virginia Regiment. In 1758 General John Forbes create George Washington as a brevet brigadier and allowed him to command one-third of the brigades.

George Washington: Life Journey

At the age of 26 Washington married Martha Dandridge Custis on 6th January 1759, who was a widow of a wealthy plantation owner named Daniel Parke Custis.

Martha was a 27-year-old beautiful and intelligent lady who was an expert in managing a planter’s estate. Then they moved to Mount Vernon which was early known as Little Hunting Creek where George lived as a planter of tobacco and wheat and turn up as a political figure.

Washington became one of Virginia’s wealthiest men by marrying Martha as he received control over one-third of Custis’s estate which included 18,000-acre land and 84 slaves. By 1775, George magnified the land of Mount Vernon by two times and escalated the number of slaves above a hundred.

Because of his expertise in the military George Washington was nominated as the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army created by Congress on 14th June 1775.

After spending 8.5 years George returned to Mount Vernon. Washington was assumed as the president by the convention so he stood in the elections held in 1789. The state electors voted for the first time under the constitution for the president on 4th February 1789.

After the votes were tallied, the congressional secretary Charles Thomson conveyed the message to Mount Vernon that George Washington has been elected as the first president of the United States with the majority of votes.

The candidate with the next highest votes was elected as the vise president. On April 16, 1789, Washington moved to New York City to be inaugurated. He took oath on 30th April 1789 and remain in the presidential post till 1797. In 1797 he retired to Mount Vernon and started life in plantations and other small businesses.

How did George Washington Died?

On 12th December 1799, Washington went for the inspection of his farms on horseback in cold winters and snow. He has some guests for dinner that day. He got late and refused to change his wet clothes as he didn’t want his guests to wait.

The next day, he had a sore throat but went out again in freezing cold weather to mark up the old trees for cutting. After returning home he suffered chest congestion but act normally.

On the morning of 14th December 1799 he woke up with an inflamed throat and struggled in breathing, his family called up some of the doctors but he died after one or two hours nearly around 10 to 11 am in the morning. After his death, George Washington was buried in the old Washington family vault at Mount Vernon.

Amazing Facts about George Washington:

This great personality possesses unique abilities and has numerous facts that will blow your mind. Some of the amazing facts have been piled below:

  • George Washington only had grade-school education.
  • There were rumors that George Washington had wooden teeth but in reality, it was not.
  • It is being said that George Washington was not a great general rather is still considered as an outstanding spymaster.
  • He is considered the face of the nation in numerous ways.

Concluding Words:

The articles provide you an insight into the US first president. Along with it, we have mentioned facts about him so that you get to know about the great personalities of the world.

Our main motive is to help to attain information about the great identities. Hoping, you like this information and if you want to know more about him or any other personality about then write to us in the comment section.

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