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Gavin Newsom Gives His Opinion On Trumpism And What Is At Stake If He Leaves The Governorship

California Governor Gavin Newsom is very satisfied with the results of the recall elections that took place between Monday and Tuesday, in which the recall effort was overwhelmingly rejected. However, he does not believe he has delivered a definitive blow to defeat his Trumpist opponents. Newsom told CBS News chief Washington correspondent, Major Garrett, that the stake in the impeachment effort was set before Larry Elder emerged as the favorite against him.

The Democratic leader said his election opponent Larry Elder had some “extreme views that make even Donald Trump blush.” The President of the United States, Joe Biden, even referred to him as the “Trump clone.”

Likewise, he suggested that his possible retirement from the governorship highlighted a contrast between conservative and liberal views on all the problems attacking the country at this time. He said: “There was a connection problem between the radical new Texas’ sweeping new abortion law and the California state recall election, as voters had a preview of what it would be like to live in a state with an extremely conservative governor. The idea that California could have a governor who would sign with other governors to support Mississippi’s law to ban abortions after 15 weeks… I couldn’t let that happen. “

According to Newsom, the campaign to remove him was an unnecessary distraction, who believes the reform of the process should win support from both parties in the state legislature. Likewise, he acknowledges that his voice is not the most objective regarding impeachment laws in California that should change but says that Democrats and Republicans agree and say that will not work for either side.

This impeachment effort did not discourage Newsom at any point in his plans to run again to renew his term in 2022. He told Garrett during the interview, “I didn’t go through a recall election just to retire in 14 months.”

Despite this, he said this was never on his radar when asked if he ever had plans to run for president. He has no ambitions to seek the highest office, and he said: “None.”

The restrictions to combat COVID-19 imposed by Governor Newsom were the ones that prompted the impeachment effort against him, but despite this, he was able to defend himself against the accusations and campaigned in response to the pandemic, while Elder always remained in his position to oppose him. Some other contenders during the race also expressed their disagreement with the COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandates.

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Final words

The effort to recall Newsom gained momentum after a cameraman managed to capture Newsom dining at the upscale Napa Valley restaurant “The French Laundry” with a group of people, wearing no mask, while his mandate to close the premises of food was still in force.

During the interview, Newsom told Garrett that his dinner was a mistake: “He was too close to people without a mask, and he must have gotten up from the table.

Polls CBS News exit polling showed that 55% of Californians approved of the work Newsom is doing as governor, and those who expressed that COVID-19 was their main concern strongly opposed and supported his removal from governorship during the campaign.

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