Future World Might Be Closer Than Expected

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It Needs Investment 

Every year the IT industry is steadily developing. The market basis of the market is formed by three key segments: information and telecommunication technologies, IT services, and devices. But the undisputed leader is the sector of development and implementation of corporate software, which has been growing by an average of 9% annually since 2017. 

Mechanical Engineering 

In mechanical engineering, unmanned vehicles are no longer a novelty, and the usage of such cars is becoming more and more popular. According to research by J’son and partners, the sales of self-driving cars will grow to millions of cars a year by 2035. The demand will rise not only in passenger cars but also in trucks and motorcycles and they will become fully autonomous.
Besides, that is only the beginning. Nowadays there is a new trend in green energy. What if your car or any other vehicle would be working on green energy and for refueling, you wouldn’t need any wires? Sounds interesting. The world’s first functional wireless power transmission system over long distances was developed in New Zealand. The prototype is capable of operating in all weather conditions by channeling power between two antennas separated by several kilometers. Today childhood dreams can come true. Who knows maybe your dream will be next. 

Robots and Smart Assistants

Under the global processes of automation, there are more and more companies that are increasingly focusing on the use of robots in simple repetitive processes. One of the examples can be the autonomous robot Promobot. he can meet guests, recognize their faces, move around the office and avoid obstacles, keep up a conversation on any topic and answer questions. Similar robots exist for home use. They are often called smart assistants or “social robots”. So for example a small Temi robot can quickly find a recipe for a desired dish on the Internet, start a video conference or create a route to an object you are looking for. Also as one of example, the company Samsung presented its own robot based on artificial intelligence. Bot Care is a personal health assistant that can measure pulse, blood pressure, and recognize several vital signs using a touchscreen display on its head.  

Flexible Displays

The details of production are disclosed though the difficulty is not only that you just need to make the displays flexible or foldable. This also means that it is necessary to look for new materials for the body, think about energy saving, and develop new technical processes. When bent, a usually normal screen won’t work normally, also touchscreen should be done with another element as the touch surface should not lose its properties during deformation. Yet still one of the main problems is the high cost of devices. It cannot be solved right now, because a lot of money has been invested in the technology, and it must be returned. Also, the devices are being produced in very small batches. The second difficulty is the technical imperfection of the devices. Despite the manufacturer’s assurances that the screen can be bent/unfolded thousands of times without hard, the reality turned out to be different. One of the leaders in developing flexible displays, the company Samsung believes that by 2022 its demands will grow. But in fact, the company voices its own expectations. Having invested billions of dollars in the project the corporation hopes to earn them in the future. 

Funny Technologies 

Nowadays many startups are looking for new markets that can be created with the help of modern technologies. Therefore, one of the trends of this year will be the creation of non-standard solutions for both business and user applications.
As an example, the company Rover Technology has developed an AI-powered robotic suitcase that follows you around with auto-follow and built-in cameras. It is not clear how the technology will work in real life, but it is fun to watch. 

In conclusion, I would like to admit that the development of new technologies leads to an increase in the need for software development and the need to attract even more engineers, which in turn leads to the growth of IT technology. To meet the market demands the developers have to develop constantly in the most popular technology stacks and in different business domains.


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