Is The Release Date For Futmalls Season 2 Set Or Not? Know Here

futmalls season 2

With a twist, this is a Taiwanese translation of the iconic British science fiction series Black Mirror, only everything unusual occurs as a result of an online shopping website. According to the synopsis, Zhao Xuzhen’s study into a series of weird happenings led him to a mystery website named, which claims to be from the future and claims to be a portal to the future.

Customers may buy anything on the site, including future love, fame, and physical beauty, among other things. Because the item is non-refundable, and the cost is insurmountable, If you appreciate science fiction mysteries, the idea of this novel should appeal to you. (The term “Futmalls” refers to Future Malls, which is an acronym.) After experiencing writer’s block in the first episode, Bai Yongli, a well-known author, is stressed out and depressed. She accesses the website out of desperation and finds what she is looking for.

After barely five minutes, we see the first murder scene: her discolored corpse has been found at her residence, tied by a crimson rope into a kneeling prayer posture, as if in prayer. The posture is eventually shown to be one that she writes about in one of her novels.

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Futmalls Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of was originally scheduled to launch in December 2021, however, due to scheduling conflicts, the release date has yet to be revealed. Fortunately, is still in the works, and an announcement will be made as soon as it is available.

In this series, three separate tales are recounted, each of which is tied to the website, which is a virtual mall. Zhao Xu Zhen’s study into a series of weird incidents leads him to a mystery website entitled, which professes to be from the future and claims to be a portal to a parallel universe. Visitors to the site may buy anything related to their own destiny, including future love, fame, and physical beauty. Futmalls is a peculiar shopping site with an unlinkable URL that supposedly picks individuals at random from a large pool of potential customers.futmalls season 2

Futmalls Season 2 Cast

Bryan Chang, a Taiwanese actor who portrays Xuzhen, the mystery case investigator, is featured in the film. This visual joy serves as a safety net, shielding us from the spookiness of the horrible murder. He seems to be an enlarged version of local actor Pierre Png, yet he has the delightful intensity of Hong Kong legend Tony Leung Chiu Wai, and he is a visual treat. The first episode also teases a possible relationship between him and Eugenie Liu’s psychiatrist Yang Nianjun, who, of course, was the psychotherapist who treated our deceased author.

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After seeing Eugenie as a boisterous and gung-ho ah lian in last year’s Triad Princess, it’s almost disconcerting to watch her as a meek and mild-mannered doctor. Zhao Xu-Zhen will be played by Bryan Shu-hao Chang, Yang Nian-jun will be played by Eugenie Liu, Li Zhong-wei will be played by Bruce Hung, and Bai Yong-xin will be played by Shao Yu-wei. There are several characters who will appear again and again, such as Liu Xiang-da, Zhan Guo-xiang, and Jiang Mei-zhen.

Yes, I’m going to put Lee Joon-K-dramas gi’s aside for this. This novel piqued my attention because of Yongli’s horrific dying position as well as the mystery surrounding her third book. Is the assailant someone she knows?futmalls season 2

The story of the mother (played by seasoned Taiwanese star Phoebe Huang) and her deceased kid should also be a tearjerker for the audience. So far, the series has established itself as having a strong narrative component. A benefit is the high production value. As a skilled and aggressive investigator, Bryan Chang is realistic, and I’m looking forward to Phoebe’s tragic portrayal. On China’s Youku, which also commissioned the series, the domain name is now trending.

You can binge-watch the whole series on Netflix.

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