Funded By Anti-Vaxxers, Some Org. Reek Of Bias Across Its Media Outlets

Funded By Anti-Vaxxers, Some Org. Reek Of Bias Across Its Media Outlets

News reaches to the people in several forms, some funded and some non-funded. This has also given rise to non-profits and other organizations which work for grants, to ensure that what content we consume is authentic.

U.S. Right to Know (USRTK) is one such non-profit organization that is based in Oakland, and vouch for ‘Truth and Transparency’, itself has some funding that raises eyebrows. Previously conspiracy theories such as the lab leak of the COVID-19 virus or engineering of the virus have become viral topics of discussion as is.

Even though USRTK cannot be seen itself promoting anti-vaccine conspiracy theories, through public disclosures and documents it is aligned with organizations that promote such beliefs about 9/11 to The Great Reset.

“We wanted to start a new organization to stand up for the idea that people have the right to know what’s in their food. Ronnie was supportive of this,” Ruskin, one of the employees at USRTK, wrote in an email to a media outlet.

“We don’t work on the issue of vaccines” referring to its largest donor, Organic Consumers Association, and its founder Ronnie Cummins. Their donation is more than double of USRTK’s second-biggest donor.

The group also received a sizeable donation from Westreich Foundation. They have worked and funded anti-inoculation groups, owing to their influence, experts refer to them as ‘the most powerful anti-vaccine organization in America’. The organization did not respond to media outreach to answer questions.

Jamieson, the communications professor, and conspiracy theory expert maintains that in order to bust myths, government and organizations need to function in a more transparent matter. That is to say, that they need to establish the credibility of origin, and the chronology of the events, that led to the outbreak. This needs to come from the Chinese government, after conducting a thorough investigation of the scene at Wuhan.

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Until this is manifested, there will always be alternative explanations being offered to people, leading to conspiracy theories being propagated in a more and more refined manner to mimic the truth.

“There are legitimate, important questions here that need to be answered,” she spoke. “In the absence of certainty of the origins, not finding the host animal for example, or host entity, through which the virus jumped to the human population, you’re going to have alternative causes posited, and those alternative causes are going to include some that will suggest malign intent by powerful actors who are covering up what they actually did.”

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