friends season 9
friends season 9

Friend Episode 9: Chandler’s Reason for Moving to Tulsa

In Friends season 9, Chandler Bing spent time in both New York City and Tulsa. The short storyline was about Matthew Perry’s real life. Chandler Bing, played by Matthew Perry, moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma for a short time in Friends season 9. There were reasons behind the scenes for why he didn’t have as much screen time in the show.

In all 236 episodes of the NBC sitcom, Matthew Perry played the cynical and sarcastic character. Friends ran for 10 years, from 1994 to 2004. It was made by David Crane and Marta Kauffman. During the show’s ten-year run, it was a miracle that all six main characters stayed the same.

However, that didn’t mean that everything in the cast’s professional and personal lives went smoothly. Before the show’s second-to-last season, when Ross and Rachel’s daughter Emma was born, some of the characters’ lives changed for good.

While Rachel was in a strange love triangle with Ross and Joey, Monica and Chandler wanted to start a family of their own. Before the married couple found out they couldn’t have children on their own, they had to change jobs, which was hard on their relationship.

In the second episode of Friends’ ninth season, “The One Where Emma Cries,” Chandler fell asleep during an important meeting at work and accidentally accepted an offer to move to Oklahoma and run a division of the company in Tulsa.

Chandler had to drive between Tulsa and New York City because he couldn’t get out of his new job. Even though Chandler quit his job by the tenth episode of the season, it cut down on Matthew Perry’s screen time in a big way. Aside from being a new storyline, Chandler’s decision to move to Tulsa was thought to have something to do with the actor’s problems.

Matthew Perry Was Busy Trying To Get His Life Back On Track

Since Friends ended 15 years ago, Perry has been very open about the problems he had with drugs and alcohol when he was on the show. When the actor was hurt in a jet ski accident in 1997, he was already hooked on alcohol.

After the event, Perry got hooked on Vicodin and other drugs, which led to a short stay in rehab. Perry’s weight changed a lot, and his co-stars tried to help him in any way they could, but his life was going downhill fast. Perry was still having trouble in 2001, so he turned to his family for help.

friends season 9

This led to another time in rehab. He eventually went back to acting but making his life happy again turned into a long-term goal. Even though he didn’t miss any episodes of Friends, his health was put first, so he had a less important storyline. Perry has since said that he doesn’t even remember making three seasons of Friends. Perry kept going to rehab to continue his recovery, even though he had to fight to stay sober.

In recent years, the former Friends cast member has helped people in similar situations. Perry got back together with his old co-stars for the Friends special on HBO Max, but his main goal right now is to help other people.

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At The Friends Reunion, Matt Perry’s Speech Was Slurred But He’s Still Sober

All six of the original cast members came back for the Friends reunion special, which was a huge success. But Matthew Perry’s slurred speech was one thing about the show that made people worried. The actor has had to fight his demons throughout his career, but he has won and is now living a sober life. But many people noticed that his speech was slurred at the Friends reunion, which made them worry that he had relapsed.

Luckily, this wasn’t the case, but he had trouble speaking that day for a different medical reason. On the day of the reunion shoot, Matthew Perry reportedly had to have emergency dental surgery and was in a lot of pain. This caused his speech to be slurred, which you can see in the final cut of the reunion.

No actor wants to perform after surgery, but Perry thought that the show must go on, so he joined the reunion special anyway. People who worry about Perry’s sobriety can rest easy knowing that his slurred speech at the Friends reunion was caused by a toothache.

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