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Franklin County Adopts Software To Aid Transparency: Tracks Tax Breaks, Incentives and Job Generation

The incumbent administration of Franklin County, Columbus has upgraded their website to avail their citizen newer heights of transparency between the two. The new look of the website was unveiled by Auditor Michael Stinziano.

The website offers the public a chance to get information regarding developments in the County, about tax breaks, and if they were actually fruitful in creating employment opportunities, investment inflow and other sort of incentives advanced by the government and their impact.

Stinziano explained that it is expected to build trust, and make themselves accountable to the community. Allowing citizens to know the operational projects in the local jurisdiction, and the impact it makes in the economic sense. This comes ahead of him acting to deliver upon the promises made.

He acts as the head of the Tax Incentive Review Council (TIRC), a panel mandated by the state law to include bureaucrats from the county, municipal, or township authorities that approve tax rebates, etc.

The counties, townships approve them based on submitted proposals. In their annual meetings, they appraise the work engaged in and discuss payrolls, vacancies, investments just like a corporation, to get the cost-benefit analysis.

“We wanted to make the information transparent and accessible,” he said.“We’ve heard a lot of folks asking about tax incentives across the county. … It’s our goal to update (and) make sure the information is accessible (and) for folks to understand that our community continues to be very active when it comes to tax incentives.”

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The updated website shows a detailed map pin-pointing at the location of each project assigned tax breaks by accessing the clickable link to the local ordinances and other public documents with full details on jobs, payroll, and investments taking place.

Although not all projects scrutinized in 2021 achieved their goals of job creation, payroll, or other commitments, majorly owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, however, its availability to the masses creates a sense of obligation in the minds of the authorities to deliver.

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