Former President Trump Believes Immigration Is A bigger Economic Issue Than Inflation

Former President Trump Believes Immigration Is A bigger Economic Issue Than Inflation

While he was invited on to the Fox Business channel for a long interview with guest host David Asman, Trump said, “The border is a bigger problem than inflation,”
Trump has also gone astray from the Republican stance which was using Inflation and rising prices as an arsenal against the Biden administration, to portray immigration as a greater threat than Americans need to worry about.

His own party colleague, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio posted on social media, “Biden is eating lobster in Nantucket for Thanksgiving, while you struggle to afford groceries at home.”
Another GOP Sen. Rick Scott of Florida recently called inflation “a gold mine for us” for targeting President Joe Biden.

Various polls by leading media outlets have also shown that Biden’s public approval ratings are performing at their worst largely due to rising prices, and inflation which is upsetting the population.

Known for his hyperbole, Trump also added that had he been in charge, “within a year I would have been bigger than Saudi Arabia and Russia combined” in oil production.
Speaking to his own tune, and in continuance, to his untrue election narrative, he also reiterated that he studied at Wharton School of Finance. The claim is highly disputed as it is alleged that he cheated on his SATs and secured a transfer from Fordham to the University of Pennsylvania.

“So I graduated from Wharton, and I guarantee you they’re right,” Trump said while he was elaborating on the impact on the deficit that would be caused, as the Act does not do enough to fund itself.

He also predicted, that the recently passed legislation “will make inflation, bring inflation to a level nobody’s seen before,” In the course of the conversation, Trump also pointed fingers at Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to quit as he had aided by voting in favor of Biden’s infrastructure bill and allowing it to pass.

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If the former President was allowed more time, he would have liked to continue with his narratives, however, the Host cut him off, so that they could move on to their next segment.

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