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Former “Apprentice” Contestant Drops Lawsuit Against Donald Trump

Summer Zervos, a contestant who appeared in the reality T.V. show in 2005, had sued the former President in January 2017 in the State Court of Manhattan, New York, stating that he had harmed her reputation and by calling such allegations by women “lies” and on Twitter Trump had also retweeted a post calling her statement a “hoax.”

Trump said that her statement is politically motivated, and is absolutely unfounded denying them entirely. Zervos’ attempt were largely to no avail, as Trump was the sitting President, and he could not be sued. However the matter came to light again, when after 2020 Elections he lost, and became a private citizen.

The sexual assault case however made no progress over the period of time, and eventually the plaintiff decided to withdraw the suit, “Ms. Zervos no longer wishes to litigate against the defendant and has secured the right to speak freely about her experience,” her lawyers said in a joint statement. “Ms. Zervos stands by the allegations in her complaint.”

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Speaking on these developments, Trump’s lawyer, Alina Hebba said in an email, “Ms. Zervos made the prudent decision to voluntarily drop her case without the exchange of any compensation or attorneys’ fees,” and also added that, “She had no choice but to do so as the facts unearthed in this matter made it abundantly clear that our client did nothing wrong.”

However, this is not the only time the former President has been caught in such cases; it rings bells with many other on-going cases such as that of E. Jean Carroll, a magazine columnist, who is suing him for allegedly raping her in a department store during the 1990s.

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