For What Reason Did Jesse Rutherford And Devon Lee End Their Relationship?
For What Reason Did Jesse Rutherford And Devon Lee End Their Relationship?

For What Reason Did Jesse Rutherford And Devon Lee End Their Relationship?

The relationship between Jesse Rutherford and Devon Lee Carlson was undeniably one of power and influence. Since they began dating in 2015, the couple has shared numerous posts about their romance on various social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok, amongst others. They serve as an example to a great number of individuals, both in terms of their love and their sense of fashion.

As a result, they have a sizable fanbase. Even GQ referred to them as “2019’s most 2019 duo” in their article about them. Paradise, despite its name, was fraught with difficulties yet. After dating for more than six years, it has been claimed that the couple has broken up and gone their separate ways. Although the couple did not officially declare that they were no longer together, they did provide some signs that this was the case. But what caused Jesse and Devon to end their relationship? Who is Jesse’s mysterious new girlfriend, exactly? Let’s find out!

Who Exactly Is Devon Lee Carlson?

Devon Lee Carlson is a fashion devotee and YouTuber who was born in the United States on August 3, 1994. She, her sister Sydney, and their mother Michelle were the founders of the company Wildflower Cases, which she started when she was just 17 years old. Because of the job that they produce, celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Lana Del Rey have been seen using phone covers designed by them.

Who Is Jesse Rutherford?

Jesse Rutherford is a singer, songwriter, and actor who hails from the United States of America. The rest of the world recognizes him primarily for his role as the lead singer of the alternative rock band The Neighbourhood, which is also referred to by its acronym, THE NBHD. Rutherford was born in California, and he spent his childhood there as well. Since its inception in 2011, the band has issued a total of four albums that were recorded in a professional recording studio.

For What Reason Did Jesse Rutherford And Devon Lee End Their Relationship
For What Reason Did Jesse Rutherford And Devon Lee End Their Relationship

What Caused Jesse Rutherford And Devon Lee To End Their Relationship?

When Carlson’s followers and fans noticed that her TikTok profile had been updated in November 2021, it gave rise to speculation that the couple had broken up. There is now a blank bio in the space that formerly included the words “Jesse’s girlfriend.” Carlson did not answer the numerous questions regarding it that her followers posed to her on her TikToks. In addition to this, Rutherford erased all of his Instagram postings while simultaneously unfollowing everyone else on the platform. It used to be that his girlfriend was in a lot of his images, but now she isn’t in any of them.

The fact that Carlson removed some of the singer’s photographs and videos from her profile only served to make the predicament worse. It was on August 21, 2021, Rutherford’s birthday, and that was the most recent time she had a picture of the two of them together.

Since then, fans have been doing investigations to establish whether the couple has truly separated or whether they are merely pretending to be romantically involved with one another. There are a lot of inquiries regarding Carlson and Rutherford’s separation in the comment sections of their respective articles.

In the video that she uploaded to YouTube in December 2021, she can be seen washing the back of her dog, Marty. She was lip-syncing while singing, and the lyrics she was using were “I don’t know him.” “Because of this, I am unable to make any comments about him.

Because I have no personal experience with him, I do not feel qualified to pass judgment on him. She repeated the same action when lip-syncing to “Same Old Love” by Selena Gomez on New Year’s Eve 2022. It’s possible that Carlson was making a cryptic reference to the song’s implication that a terrible breakup took place.

Is It True That They Broke Up?

Up until the year 2014, Jesse devoted his entire attention to the singer Anabel Englund in terms of his personal life. The song “U&I” was written as a tribute to Anabel, and the final verse even included a voicemail that she had previously left for the artist.

After ending his relationship with his previous partner, Jesse began dating Instagram model and YouTuber Devon Lee Carlson. Devon is known for her beauty and fashion videos. By the time the couple broke up in 2021, they had cultivated a sizeable fan base, which was affected by the news of the breakup when it was announced. It would appear that both Devon and Jesse have moved on with their lives since the breakup of their relationship.

After Devon made an appearance on the Call Her Daddy show hosted by Alex Cooper, the breakup was given the moniker of “the most mutual breakup ever.” In another joke, she stated that she had been seeing someone “exclusively” for quite some time.

Who Is The New Girlfriend Of Jesse Rutherford?

According to recent reports, Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford are currently dating. Jesse Rutherford, the frontman for The Neighbourhood, and Billie Eilish, a ferocious singer-songwriter, are making it more clear than ever before that they are in a romantic relationship. Even though there is a multitude of ways in which celebrity relationships can evolve, the fact that Eilish and Rutherford have such a large age gap has caused some fans to be less than “Happier Than Ever.” In recent weeks, it has been seen that the two singers are spending a significant amount of time together.

The last time Rutherford, who is now 31 years old, and Eilish, who is now 20 years old, were seen together was in front of a restaurant in Los Angeles. Even while neither celebrity has confirmed their relationship in a public statement, it is abundantly clear from the photographs of them kissing, holding hands, and embracing one another that they are involved in some kind of romantic relationship.

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