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Following Obama’s Footsteps Biden Threatens To Cut Funding Unless California amends State Pension Laws

One of the most amusing takes on interpretation of arcane laws fell in the hands of Biden Administration’s Labor Department which is misusing a 1964 Federal law which requires the Labor Department to certify to the state agencies requesting any major grants are at the same time “protecting the interests of any affected employees,” And applying it to the State approved law passed in 2013, which reduced pension benefits by a pinch, and ironically authored by Democrats themselves.

They have maintained absolute disregard for the practices of good industry pay scale adopted by the state, and provision of collective bargaining rights. The Labor Department rather alleges that the reduction of pension, is what makes the state non-compliant and justifies their action of blocking aid of nearly $12 Billion.

The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom expressed his serious displeasure in a long letter earlier this month to the Labor Secretary Marty Walsh. Newsom in his letter called the act “a complete reversal of (the agency’s) final determination in 2019 that California’s statewide pension reform legislation … ‘does not present a bar to certification.’”

He further added that, “After multiple years of litigation, the reviewing federal court found in California’s favor three times, and the department did not pursue appeals. The department’s own lawyers noted that the federal court’s decisions were ‘thoroughly reasoned’ … That should conclude the matter.”

The legal position had been cleared by multiple federal courts, which should have unhinged any inhibitions in the minds of the Labor Authorities. The decrease in pension was adequately compensated for through other measures back when the issue had relevance nearly nine years ago.

Today when the policy changes are being translated into meaningful results, the attempt by Democrats showers a bad light onto them. Due to the legal tension it is the common American who is suffering, as it affects their mode of transport, as a commuter or even their portion of salaries if they are an employee in the said department.

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U.S. District Court Judge Kimberly Mueller, again and again rejected Obama administration’s ploy for similar attempts. President Trump ensured that the Labor Administration under him reversed this practice. However with President Biden assuming office, old files from Obama’s Presidency days are being dusted off, with similar issues on which law has settled its position simply hoping for a different consequence.

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