Follow These Tips To Protect Your Privacy Through Your Phone Apps


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Data infringement is on the rise, and there is only so much we can do to gain a personalized experience as well as keep our personal thoughts, products used, and things liked private. Companies by the day are developing sharper claws to take into their clutches our personal data, to not only predict our likings but also dictate our future action.

Privacy data breaches tend to put our data to nefarious uses as well, such as posting it on the dark web and making us prone to other forms of exploitation. However certain changes in our practices can help one keep them safer.

Keeping strong passwords is a healthier way, but it also gets one scratching their head when they more often than not fail to recall it. Experts recommend the use of a password manager, with end encryption, that is to ensure that only you can view the passwords for the relevant apps that you are creating, and save them instead of forgetting.

After recent changes to the App permissions settings on Android and iOS, the platforms have started being even more mindful of, what apps running in the background can collect as data. This is what one needs to be vigilant about as well, not simply allowing all permissions, but only the absolute necessary ones, for example- A Sudoku game app should not need permission to access your camera or call records.

Third-party Apps have been very popular especially on android since it is an open-source platform. It is usually downloaded as sometimes you get pro versions available as .apk online, or sometimes just as a matter of convenience. This is exposing yourself to risk, as the best source to download apps, are the play stores and App stores pre-installed in the relevant OS.

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Marking your presence everywhere on social media, and leaving a digital footprint often may lead one astray and on a shady app. Therefore it is also recommended to cut down on screen-time. Use them for their utilities majorly, and seldom for leisure and not the other way round.

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Hikaru Y
Hikaru Y
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