How To Get The Focus Filter On Tiktok: Step By Step Tutorial And Our Favourite Examples

Focus Filter On Tiktok

A new filter is now available on TikTok. It’s called the TikTok Focus. But how can you get the TikTok Focus filter?

On the internet, we’re constantly seeing new strange and fascinating phenomena emerge.

There’s always something to keep social media users occupied, whether it’s new challenge videos, memes, or a new filter that everyone is trying out.

TikTok users have recently embraced the so-called Focus filter, which is the most recent of these trends.

TikTok’s Focus Filter

Many TikTok users have been using the Focus filter throughout the last few days and weeks. The Vague to Focus filter is what it’s called, and it makes videos start out fuzzy and out-of-focus.

The filter fades away after a few seconds, and the image in the video returns to focus, allowing TikTokers to make a surprising reveal or serve as a cool intro before a dance. Several TikTokers have even utilized the filter to participate in the #focusonmechallenge, which is presently trending on the app.

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How To Get The Focus Filter

  •  You’ll need to go to TikTok’s Discover tab to discover the Vague to Focus filter.
  • Once there, type in ‘focus’ or #focusonmechallenge and choose #focusonmechallenge as the hashtag. Every TikTok video that has the Vague to Focus filter will then greet you.
  •  To try out a filter, choose one of the many movies available and look for the name of the filter in the lower left-hand corner.
  • Simply touch on the filter’s name, then on the camera icon at the bottom of your screen, which will allow you to make a TikTok movie using the filter.

Stay tuned to get more updates on TikTok!

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