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Florida Mayor Suddenly Leaves, Pointing To Growing Corruption

During a commission meeting, The mayor of a small south Florida city suddenly leaves his position from office and said he would “not be figured for corruption.”

On Wednesday night, after the commission’s public comment section Opa-Locka Mayor Matthew Pigatt,35, stood up and announced his resignation through a speech which is not the main motive of the meeting.

In 2016, when Pigatt was elected to a commission seat in the midst of an FBI corruption inquiry, he pledged for clarity and improvement. In 2018, when he was elected for the position of mayor, that time he also made some similar promises.

He said, “Those who stand up for what is right do not last long in this system, Everything will be shared when it will do the most good.”

Pigatt mentioned continuing corruption at City Hall but did not give any details.

He said he believed the city had made some steps in the right direction, including submitting overdue financial audits and a five-year recovery plan to the state.

“Despite all of these accomplishments, in this position of mayor I could not stop corruption,” he said. “The reformers within the government are outnumbered by those who want to compromise, maintain the status quo, and promote themselves over the people.”

As reported by the Miami Herald, Pigatt and John Pate, who was appointed as city manager in 2019, had repeatedly argued. Both accused the other of misconduct and abuse of power.

Pigatt said, “There are, of course, some in this very room and some sitting on this dais who are breathing a sigh of relief, believing that I’m finally going away, As always, they could not be more incorrect in their hopes and pride.”

After leaving the meeting, he gathered his belongings and announced his resignation on his Instagram account.

Opa-Locka’s Vice Mayor Veronica Williams will replace Pigatt as mayor until the end of her current term in November.

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