Florida Leader’s Covid Response and Citizens’ Vaccine Reluctance

Several Republicans have become reluctant and prefer to dwell on conspiracies and unproven medications like taking the over-the-feed-store-counter deworming tablets for animals like horses as better protection against the ongoing pandemic rather than getting a thoroughly tested, highly effective, FDA-approved vaccine.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday, had a news conference in Gainesville, together with Attorney General Ashley Moody and CFO Jimmy Patronis to express his opposition against the federal vaccine mandate. He announced he will fine cities and counties requiring employees to get the COVID-19 jab $5,000 per infraction.

In the same conference, anti-vaccine speakers shared misinformation about the vaccine. 

“The vaccine changes your RNA,” says Darris Friend, a worker of the city of Gainesville for 22 years.

This he asserted during the event, despite studies that prove otherwise. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a clear statement said that the person’s DNA is not affected by these coronavirus vaccines, since this has been a concern by some vaccine-hesitant people. They added that the vaccines have been shown to be overwhelmingly safe.

What is truly more dangerous is the current Delta variant and the cynicism of some Republican leaders against the vaccine. 

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Some leaders opposed vaccination mandates but had themselves vaccinated

Currently, the COVID cases in Florida are significantly high. Hospitals are overwhelmed and the ICU beds are over capacity. Plus, health workers are forced to work double shifts to keep up. 

However, DeSantis’ move to this healthcare challenge is to oppose school board masking mandates, fight local officials wanting vaccination for employees, and defy the president’s mandate for business owners to have their workers vaccinated.

When Desantis was asked by the reporters why he didn’t question the RNA guy’s absurd assertions, he pretended he hadn’t heard what the guy said and defended himself by saying “I don’t even remember him saying that, so it’s not anything I’ve said. ”

“I think the data is clear: you’re much less likely to be hospitalized or die if you’re vaccinated,” Desantis added. 

However, he is not pushing people to get their shots.

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