Fishing Charter Boat Capsizes in Alaska, Leaving 3 Deαd and 2 Missing
Fishing Charter Boat Capsizes in Alaska, Leaving 3 Deαd and 2 Missing

Fishing Charter Boat Capsizes in Alaska, Leaving 3 Deαd and 2 Missing!

After the fishing charter boat, they were on capsized off the coast of Alaska over the weekend, three individuals are deαd and two more are missing.

In addition to Danielle Agcaoili’s sister Brandi Tyau, 56, and her partner Robert Solis, 61, the boat also carried Maury Agcaoili, 57, and his wife Danielle Agcaoili, 53.

Troopers pulled two bodies from the sunken ship on Wednesday. While they waited for the state medical examiner to conduct an examination, officials stated that the bodies appeared to be those of Danielle Agcaoili and her sister.

According to the authorities, Robert Solis and the boat’s captain, 32-year-old Morgan Robidou, are still unaccounted for, who says recovery operations are ongoing. Jim Solis, Robert Solis’ brother, said the sisters’ parents and brother were also on the trip but had taken a different vessel.

Take a look at the tweet below, Recently, New York Daily News shared a Tweet related to this:

The 30-foot aluminum charter boat with five passengers on board did not return after a fishing excursion, according to a call from Kingfisher Charters that the crew received on Sunday night, U.S. Coast Guard stated.

About 10 miles offshore, rescue teams claimed to have discovered the charter boat partially submerged. Around 9:30 p.m. on Monday, the Coast Guard called off its search for the missing boaters after more than 20 hours of searching the region.

Fishing Charter Boat Capsizes in Alaska, Leaving 3 Deαd and 2 Missing

A captain with Port Southeast Alaska remarked, “Suspending a search is never an easy decision.” “We extend our deepest sympathy to the loved ones during this difficult time. Our sincere thanks to community partners and the good Samaritan vessels who rapidly responded to help in the search.”

The Coast Guard said there were no alerts despite the sailing day’s rougher-than-usual conditions with swells between 6 and 11 feet.

Kingfisher Charters said its staff is “devastated by the loss of the guests and captain.” The business referred to it as a “tragic event” and stated it fully cooperated with the investigation.

The Agcaoilis were involved as volunteers with the Pearl City High School band in Hawaii, where their kids, Jarek and Jessika, played in the ensemble. Danielle Agcaoili also worked for the First Hawaiian Bank in the home services department.

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CEO of First Hawaiian Bank Bob Harrison stated, “We are keeping Dani, her husband, and her family members in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.” Additionally, a statement was made on behalf of the Agcaoili family:

“The family of Maury and Danielle Agcaoili appreciates all of the kind words and condolences. Their family and friends will remember them as loving and encouraging parents. We ask that people respect the family’s privacy as they continue to grieve.”

Alaska State Troopers and salvage teams are attempting to land the boat so that a thorough investigation can be carried out.

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