Los Angeles First Female Mayor, Karen Bass, Was Elected In November Of This Year
Los Angeles First Female Mayor, Karen Bass, Was Elected In November Of This Year

Los Angeles First Female Mayor, Karen Bass, Was Elected In November Of This Year

The Associated Press forecasts that Karen Bass will succeed Eric Garcetti as the mayor of Los Angeles in the foreseeable future. At approximately 3:35 p.m. on Wednesday, the Associated Press announced that Bass had won the contest.

With 74% of the ballots counted, Bass is ahead of Rick Caruso by 46,578 votes. It is expected that Bass, who currently serves as the representative for California’s 37th Congressional District, will become the first woman and the second Black person to be elected mayor of Los Angeles if she wins the election.

A week ago, when the polls closed, Caruso carried an overnight lead in the contest to succeed incumbent Mayor Eric Garcetti. The latter is termed out and is awaiting confirmation as ambassador to India. Caruso is currently the front-runner in this race.

Since then, Bass has surpassed Caruso’s performance, rapidly reducing the distance between them and eventually taking the lead.

During her campaign, she was able to count on the backing of a number of prominent Democrats, including former Vice President Kamala Harris, President Joe Biden, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. As mayor, Bass has stated that finding a solution to the city’s homelessness problem will be the city’s top priority.

Caruso is a well-known real estate developer, and some of his assets, which include shopping centres, include both the Grove and Americana at Brand. He participated in the contest by contributing millions of dollars from his riches and garnering endorsements from notable celebrities such as Chris Pratt, Kim Kardashian, and Katy Perry.

In the end, the political newcomer’s bid was unsuccessful compared to Bass’s, who has a longer track record. On Wednesday, Bass issued a statement that reads, in part, as follows:

“Los Angeles is the most incredible metropolis on the planet. I am confident that if we work together, hold each other to account, and keep our attention fixed on the most admirable aspects of who we are and what we are capable of accomplishing, we will be able to make our communities and the future of our children a better place.

She expressed her gratitude to the voters who had backed her campaign and stated that she was “proud and humbled” to be selected as the city’s future mayor.

Bass added that Caruso called her personally to concede, and she expressed her hope that he will continue his “civic participation in the city that we both love.” Caruso called Bass to tell her he was stepping down as mayor. In a statement he issued, Caruso referred to his decision to run for mayor as “one of the most satisfying experiences” of his life.

Caruso wrote on social media that his family “never stopped believing that local government can and should be a force for good, a force that levels the playing field for everyone, a source of pride and inspiration that helps families achieve the American dream.” After election night, California has up to 38 days to certify the election results.

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