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File Your Tax NOW to Continue Getting Stimulus Checks

Are you waiting for another round of a stimulus check?

I’ve got some news for you.

There are still some coronavirus checks that can help you. They’re like an additional payment that you can get after meeting your tax deadline. (If you haven’t already filed your taxes).

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File Taxes & Become Eligible to Receive Coronavirus Stimulus Check Like Payments

The IRS has extended the deadline for submitting taxes to October 15. Since pushing back the deadline, the government has been sending multiple reminders to Americans about filing their taxes.

Earlier, this deadline to file your tax was April 15. Now with additional time remaining, the government has been urging Americans to file their taxes since extending the filing date to October 15.

If you do not file your taxes by that time, you risk losing all of the stimulus cash you’ve received to date. And in any case, you fail to submit your tax return on time, the government may demand back the stimulus money.

For instance, you need to file your taxes on time or else you might not be able to get your hands on benefits like the expanded credit for children.

If you’ve missed their first two stimulus checks or got less than what you expected, it is super important for you to file for the 2020 taxes. And if you’re eligible to receive this payment, you can receive it right into your account.

For people who do not usually file taxes, they can use the Child Tax Credit Non-filer Sign-up Tool to provide information to the IRS.

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File Tax Using Electronic Method

There are different ways to file your taxes. One way is to do it electronically. This is the safest and fastest way because you can get your refund right away without waiting for the mail.

Also, those who haven’t already done so may now file their taxes and use the option to arrange their tax payments up to October 15.

Furthermore, individuals earning less than $72,000 can use IRS’s free filing service. Payments can be made using Direct Pay as well as a credit or debit card.

Many people have been given an extension to file their taxes. Military officials, individuals serving in a combat zone, and people living in disaster regions were the most common beneficiaries.

People can go online to their tax account to see important information. The account shows them their adjusted gross income (AGI), the Economic Impact Payment amounts, and estimated tax payment amounts.

Other information available includes payment history, the amount owed in past years, notices from the IRS, and more.

The IRS says that if you are due a refund, the government will not take away your money for filing late. But it is possible to lose your refund if you wait too long to file.

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  1. Im so tired of being one of the lowest Paid people on the totumpole! Im disabled and can’t do anything about it. People on social security, ssi and vets get their payments and on the same day, BROKE after paying their bills. If you are not on one of these try living off of $794 a month!! I guarantee you if The President, vice president and everyone in congress got paid the same, they would change it in a heart beat!! All the $600 weekly checks that people on unemployment received ( even if they never made that in the first place ) they still got it!! And the child tax credit…. My child has 4 legs he has to go to the vet, have his shots. He has to have hair cut and food so why can’t I get a child tax credit? Its bad enough that I’m disabled and on ssi but to be left out because we don’t deserve it!!! Screw EVERYONE IN CONGRESS YOU ASSHOLE’S ARE MORE WORRIED ABOUT GETTING YOUR PAYCHECKS AND KEEP SCREWING ALL OF US!! THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE AND I, WE DEMAND OUR PAYMENTS JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!!

  2. My concerns are for my age group. who is way below the poverty level?
    Retirement has caused many to have the need to file Early for SSI
    benefits because they need the money.
    I know many people who have had to retire at 62 instead of waiting and getting their higher payment from their retirement.
    They have done so cuz they have higher costs of living. With Medical, housing, and normal. bills which would only be taken care by them getting less then a 3/4 value of the retirement they hoped to. get by working longer.
    But due to the previous Covid issue, the need for more money to have the basic monthly costs
    I think it would make more sense to make an increase in
    SSI BENEFITS for the retirement community to be able to have a less traumatic retirement where they are still BARELY LIVING BY A SMALL MEANS OF INCOME which is their earned SSI money.
    I feel the retirement years for people are not being enjoyed or being at least dealt with.
    The fact Thames people 62-89 are the demographic that is not being represented enough because many feel this age group has average SSI money coming in which would be available to them.
    When facts are that most people who have had to retire early have had to take a decrease in their own retirement money due to an early filing of their retirement.
    I know a large group. of many people who retired early who. are not even receiving at least $900.00 .
    Most early retired people are low poverty status because of early retirement which on average is barely over $750.00 — $884.00.
    The money being held from it being filed is a way to just
    I’m mass fear as well as a testimony of how much more we should be focused on giving all senior citizens a monthly set of Benefits which should include,
    EBT not only for those already in the system but to all senior citizens to help. with the SENIOR FOOD SHORTAGE.
    Many older adults have never received food stamps and are now living on barely enough from early retirement to maybe hopefully keep. a roof over their heads.Which then makes the money they need to eat less and less the more years they can vary get buy .in the so-called GOLDEN YEARS.
    Thank you


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